Liberals are engaged in illegal tactics to silence conservative bloggers.  What they do is call using Voice Over IP calling so it appears that they calling from the house to report a violent crime.  The cops show up at your residence with Swat teams.  This is a cowardly action!!!  It’s a wonder that nobody has been injured or killed through this tactic.  When a liberal tells you they support free speech, they mean they support their free speech not necessarily your free speech.  This tactic wastes government money and resources.  Depending on the size of the town, this tactic could tie up police for hours and if a more legitament situations arises, it ensures that the police won’t be there for the real crime.

Here is the link to the story I read:–abc-news-politics.html

The liberals who do this are probably laughing, but there is one guy in Ft. Worth who found out the hard way that it’s not that funny when law enforcement hauls your ass in on charges.  He’s serving 9 years for Swat-ing.

This paints a picture of the sad state our nation is in.  I am entitled to my point of view and just because my point of view does not mirror yours, a crime has NOT been committed.  I have several liberals that come here and post.  I don’t expect them to share my opinions because chances are we will never agree on a lot of stuff.