Eric Holder will be having his ass handed to him on a silver platter today.  Darrel Issa has wiretaped conversations from top DOJ officials that says they knew about Fast and Furious far longer than he admitted to.  Ontop of new evidence, the committee is charging him with contempt.  The contempt charges are for not giving the committee the correspondence they asked for in a timely manner as it pertains to Operation Fast And Furious.

I’ll say upfront, this issue needs to be resolved quickly and plans need to be written to deal with the problems that this reckless operations has and will create for border states.  This operation has decades worth of problems that it will create.  I can guarentee you that these weapons will continually be used to kill other US citizens.

This goes back to what I’ve said from the beginning.  This operation was done to create a problem so they could go back and pass unconstitutional gun bans.  It was never about tracking the guns in the first place.  At the end of the day, someone’s head needs to roll after Darrell Issa has removed it from their butts first.