I guess by now, liberals have figured out that they can’t wish the tea party out of existence.  Nancy Pelosi tried, Obama tried, and other gave it their best shot including attempts to label the group as racist.  Other Liberals even showed up at a tea party demonstration and attempted to bite someone’s body parts off.  They still can’t get rid of it.  Even some members of the Republican party have looked down their noses at the tea party, yet they are still here.  One of the many things I like about the Tea Party is that they are going after BOTH parties.  The latest victim was Scott Barrett in Wisconsin.  The tea party consists of Republicans and Democrats.  If I have to describe the Democrats in the tea party, they are the old style Democrats who aren’t down with pushing communist, socialist, or a Nazi agenda.  All of whom the NEW Democrat Party embraces with open arms and you can throw pediphiles in there for good measure.  The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are most certainly pedophiles and they belong to the Demoncrat party.

Dick Lugar wasn’t living up to the Tea Party’s expectations and now he is gone.  If you are a Republican and you vote with the demoncrats the majority of the time, you better be ready for the fight of your life.  They have influenced quite a few elections over the past 3 years and they don’t seem to be letting up now.  In fact, they have more members now than ever.  The Tea party has started doing what the media used to do before they became useless.  They remind the voters of the candidates record.  Candidates don’t like it because they can’t make the secret deals and get away with it because the Tea Party is there shining light on the whole affair.  I can appreciate that because a Republic who votes the majority of the time with the Demoncrats are Demoncrats and not a Republican.  They should feel free to change their party affiliation because now they can’t hide.