Loose lips sinks ships.  We’ve all heard this and most don’t really take the message to heart but it’s true when it comes to defense secrets.  Defense secrets can cause tremendous damage if leaked.  The classified information about the doctor who told us where Bin Laden is harmed the doctor.  Some idiot allowed the doctor’s name to be released which allowed pakistan to lash out against the Doctor who put it all on the line to help us.  What is the liberal messiah doing to rectify this?  He allowed Pakistan to imprision the doctor.  The leak about the virus that we unleashed on Iran to destroy their nuclear program also harms us from a Defense standing.

Think what you want, liberals do not care about the harm releasing classified information can cause.  They look at classified information as unfair because we have secrets that other countries don’t have.  Some liberal dumbass decided that releasing this kind of data would help Obama on his re-election.  They don’t care about the damage this causes our country or our relationships with the world as long as Obama gets re-elected.

Eric Holder is appointing 2 US Attorney’s to investigate the leaks or at least that’s what they want us to believe.  I guarantee you they are moving in to make this go away.  They are not looking for the person who leaked the information.  Honestly I don’t think they care and even if they do identify the responsible individual they will pat them on the back  in private and thank them and give them a very light penalty for doing this in public.  All of the leaks are intended to make the liberal messiah look strong on National Defense.  It’s my opinion that this whole debacle will look like a pro-wrestling match.  They already have the pre-determined outcome they just have to work the investigation so it ends up where they want it.  I don’t for a second, think this will be a serious investigation.