We all remember after Obama got elected, we all had to listen to the lies.  Mither Walker, Obama is not a socialist.  Nobody in the main stream media even bothered to look into allegations that the Bamster was actually a member of the socialist party prior to the election.  They didn’t care.  When asked, Obama lied about his past but clearly, here is a picture of him and other New Party officials.




It’s kind of funny though because the media sure got their panties in a knot over Todd Palin’s old political party.  Mither Walker that’s different.  Well yes deballed male, it is different.  Todd Palin wouldn’t have been in charge of executing the office of the Vice President.  Obama was running for the highest office in the US.  I think this is damn revelent!  He was caught lying BEFORE he ever set foot in the White House.  Then again, we all know the liberal messiah had to lie because nobody would elect him if he’d come clean about who he was and what he wanted to do to the US.