Liberals everywhere are scared to death their messiah is going to lose.  So much so they are out there trying to convince the unwashed masses that they are racists if they don’t vote for Obama.  To show this, they pulled up google searches from Obama’s first presidential election and used the data to show which racist searches came from which states.

What surprised me, most of the racist states were liberal states.  West Virginia was the most racist state.  Does this surprise anyone?  Isn’t that where that liberal bastion of double talk….Robert Byrd was from?  Ohhh yes I went there, I had to.  He was a Grand Kleagle for the KKK.  Oh I know some liberal somewhere is going to say “Mither Walker, Robert Byrd already apologized for that!”  Really?  Is a apology going to erase all of the minorities they harrassed, intimidated, threatened, and other violent actions taken against them?  Can you tell some kid who’s dad was killed by nasty racially motivated violence, I’m sorry.  Is the words, I’m sorry, enough to heal the damage that was caused by Robert Byrd?  I don’t think so.

Here’s the article for you racists in West Virginia: