There is no doubt in my mind that Dumberg doesn’t have a clue about executing his duties as mayor.  I’ve got $100 that says neither the US Constitution nor the New York Constitution gives the mayor the right to regulate their citizen’s diet.  In fact, the US Constitution says we have a right to the persuit of happiness.  It does not define happiness but depending on your financial situation, happiness could be a 24 oz coke with a 24 oz cup of popcorn or a 24 oz milkshake.  Apparently, Mayor Dumberg is completely ignorant about the constitution.  <Deballed Male>  Mither Walker, the mayor is trying to make them healthy.  Ok, where in the constitution does it say that the Mayor’s job is to make his citizen’s healthy?  <Deballed Male>  It’s not int he constitution but it should be.  It’s not in the constitution because it’s not any of mayor dumberg’s damn business what New Yorker’s eat.  However, New Yorker’s need to get rowdy because dumberg is abusing his position to carry out a personal vendetta and legislate good health.  Mayor Dumberg is attempting to take away freedom of choice and freedom to make personal decisions away from New Yorker’s.

Mayor Dumberg is your average stupid liberal who believes government needs to be telling you how to live through legislation.  The very fact that it is none of his business what you eat or drink during the day/night escapes him because of his ideaology.  What’s even scarier, he ran as a Republican to get elected and then changed his party affiliation to Independent.  Again, weight loss is a personal choice one has to make by themselves.   Weight loss is not a choice government can make for it’s citizen’s.  Nazi’s like Dumberg like to quote that it’s their body when it comes to abortion.  If that argument works for abortion, it also works for government attempts to legislate what people eat and drink.

It’s kind of funny to me that with all of the problems New York has that need fixing, citizen’s diet is what he is focusing on.  Why don’t Dumberg figure out how to replace the companies that left New York because of his policies on taxation?  Why isn’t he working on bringing in new jobs?  Why isn’t he trying to figure out how to get grocery prices in line with reality?  He’s a liberal and he can’t seem to mind his own business.  Dumberg can only take your freedoms away if you let him.  If you let him ban 24 oz drinks, popcorn, and milkshakes then next time he’ll go after birthday cakes, ice cream, and pies.  He is a liberal drunk with power and he doesn’t have anything in his brain to tell him when enough is enough.