Honestly, if you believe that Barrak Huisane Obama will be re-elected, you are dillusional and should probably seek professional help.  Here is my breakdown of everything the liberal messiah has going against him.

Mitt Romney is raising more money that Obama right now.  This is a true blue way to tell that Obama has no support.  It’s so bad that Obama is making frequent trips to Hollywood to beg for money.  In order to go after the Hollywood money, he had to come out in support of Gay marriage.  The biggest problem with this is that there are plenty of Democrats who are against gay marriage.  He’s probably lost those voters.  Yeah, I know the myth that Democrats aren’t Homophobics and Republicans are but them are facts.

Old vote:  Obama has lost the elderly’s vote from the very beginning of his emaculation when he was doing healthcare.  Obama convinced AARP to double cross the elderly and I’m pretty sure they still remember all of this.

Jewish Vote:  The Jewish people aren’t going to vote for the liberal messiah because it’s been bad for business and bad for Israel.

The Black Vote:  Several black people have said they aren’t voting for him but Obama will probably carry the black vote.  Black people are worse off now than they were under George Bush.

The Hispanic Vote:  I’m sure Obama may have a portion of the hispanic vote.  The reason I say a portion, is because most hispanics work hard and try to send money back to their families.  Obama’s economy is making that a lot more difficult than it used to be.  They are spending more money to live now that the liberal messiah has ruined our economy.  Make no mistake, most of these guys are smarter than you think and they realize how bad Obama has been for this country.

The Wisconsin Vote:  Obama supporters smile when they remember the exit polls from the Wisconsin vote because it suggests they are for Obama but the exit polls were out in left field when it came to every aspect of the recall election.  Those were wrong on other things, so you probably don’t want to put all of your hope into that.

Oprah’s vote/endorsement:  Operah won’t make the same mistake twice.  She paid a heavy price to introduce Obama to her viewers.  That move cost her fans and has hurt her financially.  Obama double-crossed her so I highly doubt she’ll be doing anything for Obama.

The Kennedy’s:  Obama and Michelle have double-crossed the Kennedy’s and made statement demeaning them, their old house, and their clothes.  This just goes to show how incredibly fake those two are.  I laughed today as Rush Limbaugh started calling Obama, Barrack “Kardashian” Obama.  He’s as fake as all of the Kardashians.  The Kennedy’s are beloved members of the Democrat Party.  Do you honestly think some members will ignore Obama and Michelle’s disrespect?  Did I mention he’s having a hard time raising money?

Bill Clinton and other Democrats:  Bill Clinton and several other Democrats have committed Blasphemy by rushing in to support Bain Capitol while Obama was out trying to demonize it.  Not only did Bill Clinton call for Bush era tax cuts, he also said the US is in a recession which is contrary to the lies that Obama has told everyone.  I think Bill Clinton is right and Obama is wrong.

Spike Lee:  Spike is upset because Obama is not a slam dunk for re-election.  He know’s the Bamster is going to have a hard time because the economy has not gotten better under him.  Just the fact that the Bamster can’t run on what he’s done says a lot.  Admitting he sicked the SEIU union thugs to attack average Americans does not endear himself to the voters.

Operation Fast and Furious:  This operation has soiled the Obama administration.  Your liberal messiah said he would take responsibility for everything that happens in his administration and he can be blamed for this illegal operation.  The ties to this scandel go all the way up to top DOJ officials.  My personal opinion is that the liberal messiah lied about this because his only answers have been it’s Bush’s fault.  I’ve noticed that nothing is Obama’s fault because it’s all George W. Bush’s fault.  Eric Holder needs to resign because even if he didn’t know anything about this, some in his administration did know about it and it shows a lack of leadership.

The Security Leaks:  These do not make the president look good if you really think about it.  These security breaches make the president look bad because he can’t protect the most damning secrets like the virus that ruined Iran’s nuclear program.

The voter enthusiasm gap:  Most voters are demoralized by the fact they voted for Obama.  They have figured out that I was right from the start and they were wrong.  There are a few Democrats who said they aren’t voting and that’s fair.  They were reckless about their vote last year because they wouldn’t take the time to see what the Bamster was about BEFORE they voted for him.

The Private Sector Is Fine:  This is about the same size gaffe as McCain saying the fundamentals of the economy are fine.  It was a stupid thing to say!  He even followed it up with Government needs more help.

It’s the economy stupid:  Yeah, the economy has been ignored by Obama.  He hasn’t done one small thing to fix it.  He never wanted to fix the gas prices which has caused the cost of groceries to go up by 30%.  The middle class is going away on Obama’s shift.

Polling suggests Obama isn’t sweeping Democrat states he won last election.  All conventional wisdom is down the drain for this election.

Obama has been caught in many lies since he was elected.  Tax payers aren’t as stupid as the liberal messiah believes they are.  Obama has a problem with integrity and loyalty.  He believes everyone should be loyal to him but fails to show them any loyalty.  His major character flaws hurt him in the long run in this election.  That’s the major reason fund raising is a problem for him.  By claiming he’s for gay marriage, he’s boxed himself in and has affended many of the people who would have voted for him.  Of course if Obama doesn’t get re-elected, I’m sure the excuse he’ll offer is it’s George Bush’s fault.