Meet Stephen Hanks.  He’s your average liberal with below average intelligence.  Apparently, his stupid friends put him up to filing a lawsuit which if the judge is fair, he’ll have his ass handed to him in no time flat.  Let me go through his alleged charges.

I didn’t sign any agreement to be on her show:  Really?  My thoughts are if you didn’t want your 15 seconds of fame, you should have shut your damn mouth.  Of course you fired the first shot by yelling that Bristol’s mom was a slut and asking if she rode Levi like that.  Anyone would confront your stupid ass over comments like that.  Your just lucky she didn’t bitch slap you on national tv.

Defamation of Character:  Really?  Really?  First off she asked if he was a homosexual, she did not call him one.  Apparently, he’s too stupid to know the difference.

On the face of this, he’s a complete failure at being a talent agent because only a desperate piece of garbage would go as far as to get attention by shooting his mouth off and yelling obscentities like this across the bar.  According to him, he supposedly lost a job over his encounter with Bristol.  Boo hoo hoo, cry me a river.  She did not cause him to lose anything.  He did all of the work himself and to say that this incident made him lose work is laughable at best.  We are talking Los Angeles here after all.

To prove my point, if the judge is a fair judge, he’ll have his ass handed to him.  Bristol cannot be held liable because she didn’t initiate contact with him.  He opened his mouth first and she should have slapped the taste out of his mouth because he deserved it.  Stephen is so lame, he actually thinks he’s cool.  I wouldn’t doubt it if once Bristol owns him in court that he’ll start doing Rodney King impersonaltions….”Can’t We All Just Get Along?” or will he choose the liberal line “Whatever happened to civility?”

Stephen Hanks is a liar and couldn’t tell the truth if his tounge were notarized!  He wanted his 15 seconds of fame and now he’s crying like a little b*tch now that he got it and the cameras aren’t on him anymore.  He is your average dim witted liberal who believes that there should be no blowback from what he said while he was executing his free speech rights.