Such hypocracy!!!  These idiots seem to forget what happened to other presidents.  There is absolutely no shortage of video where the left is heckling Bush on youtube but the communists at PMSNBC seem to think that Obummer should be exempt from it just because he’s black.  Maybe people wouldn’t tell him to shut up if he’d stop lying all of the time.

Bill Clinton getting heckled:

I’m busting that bubble PMSNBC lives in because if a white Democrat lied as much as Obama, I guarantee you he’d be heckled and told to shut up.  Even your liberal messiah’s compaign ads are out there lying.  He put one out and attempted to say he’s spent less money than George W. Bush.  Oddly enough he used accounting tricks to prove his point.  He did not account for stimulus and porkulus spending at the beginning of his presidency.  What about, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it!”  Another Obummer lie “There is no moratorium on oil drilling.”  He said that while ignoring the fact he told the EPA not to approve any drilling permits on federal lands.  What about “I can’t do anything about the price of gas.”  I’d go as far as to say that 2/4ths of every speech he gives is total bullshit and 1/4th is probably unconstitutional.  You know things like telling catholic hospitals they have to start performing abortions and handing out condoms.  There has never been a president of the united states that has done more unconstitutional stuff than Obama.  He’s walked all over the constitution in his 3 1/2 years as president.

The communists over at PMSNBC need to get over theirselves.  Telling the president to shut up probably wasn’t a racist act.  I’d go as far to say it proves he’s being treated like every other president.  George Bush was called a war criminal during a speech.  The communists at PMSNBC also need to understand that the guy who told him to shut up was a journalist.  Journalists are normally left wing not right wing.  This guy is probably about as right wing as the anarchist that shot Giffords in Arizona.  In case your clueless, anarchists vote Demoncrat.  Obama’s good friend Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were both Anarchists.

Another novel idea on this subject is the fact that what Obama has done is unconstitutional.  He has to get this through congress before he can enforce it.  If the congress and senators had a set of balls they’d be calling dictator Obama out to the carpet on his actions.  Our constitution designed 3 branches of government with equal weight to balance laws and decisions.  The liberal messiah thinks that his words are the last ones in a argument.  We all know what he’s doing.  A blind person can see this coming from a mile away.  Obama has lost so many voters that he needs a new set to re-elect him.  So far he’s catered to the homosexual lobby, hollywood, and now the Latino vote.  If these minorities were smart, they’d realize they were much better off 4 years ago before the liberal messiah was emaculated.  He can’t escape the fact that minorities have lost jobs during Obama’s term and they are spending far more money to live now than they had to 4 years ago.