Before I give out the link, I feel I should explain something about Texas.  Everyone acts like we kill everything that walks into our yard and that’s just not true.  However, if I catch you molesting my 4 year old daughter, you’d better believe your civil rights ended at my property line and there is not a jury in the state of Texas that would convict me for murder while I was defending my family.  With that said, here’s the link.

*Deballed Male* Mither Walker, that man was denied his civil rights.  He was entitled to a jury trial where he could be convicted and sent away for a year so he could get out and then become a repeat offender.  *Me* (Faking tears) Aww now instead of repeat offender, we have a dead offender…cry me a river.  Actually I’d have to say upfront that this guy was suicidal and wanted to die.  Why else would you be in the barn trying to molest this guy’s daughter knowing he’s only a few feet away.  Who says wishes don’t come true anymore?