A few days ago, I mentioned that Democrats are worried about the party and this list is getting longer.  We even have the liberal messiah’s college professor out there saying Obama needs to lose because he’s not liberal enough.  We have 3 sitting Democrat Governors who have outright refused to go to the convention.  We even have Mayor Dumberg out there saying that Mitt Romney could probably do a better job with the economy than the liberal messiah.  The Democrat Party would get a huge black eye if the economy were to fail on their shift and many politicians are worried that he’ll wreck the opportunity for a Democrat to sit in the White House if the economy get’s ruined on their watch.

I have to laugh though because everything they criticized George W. for not fixing, they are out there swearing the president can’t fix it.  Well which is it?  Can he fix it or can’t he fix it?  It’s really laughable to hear the liberal messiah out there blaming everything on Bush even after he’s almost finished his first term as president.  During that time, he’s had endless parties, vacations, apology tours, 100 plus golf outings, and many basketball games ignoring everything except his desire to socialize the medical industry.  He’s had plenty of opportunities to fix the economy yet it’s still in the toilet.  When 9/11 happened to us, liberals were out there saying it was Bush’s fault because he’d been in office over 9 months but they all want us to know that this is George Bush’s fault.  I say bullshit!  You can’t have one standard for Bush and a totally different one for Obama.  Yet’s Obama’s strategy is to blame Bush and vow to fix it in his second term.  I told everyone that read my blog that Obama would kill jobs yet nobody would listen.

I guarantee you that if Obama loses the election, he’ll be on tv the next day saying that we shouldn’t judge him by his disasterous results.  We should judge him by his good intentions.  I call bullshit on that one too.  There’s an old saying that says the road to hell is paved by good intentions.