Honestly, it’s an insult to average Americans to call that body of government that Eric Holder is in charge of the Department of Justice.  They had a confirmed case of voter intimidation and they refused to prosecute.  Eric Holder is worried about illegal alien disenfranchised voters not being able to cast their votes in Texas because they don’t have a driver’s liscense or ID card while he supports disenfranchizing the military vote.  Then there’s fast and furious where DOJ officials engaged in criminal activity and got caught.  Now Eric Holder is whining because he faces contempt charges while he attempts to tell Republicans he can’t show them the documents but he can brief them on their contents.  I have major problems with that…I don’t trust Eric Holder to be honest.  He lied last time he chatted with the congressional committee who is investigating fast and furious.  Honestly, the message clearly stated two gun running operations.  It listed both but Holder blatantly lied and said it didn’t have anything to do with fast and furious.

They need to charge Eric Holder with contempt and then go after the liberal messiah because we all know he lies way too much.  What other proof do I need than the press finally looking over his autobiography and finding outright lies in it.  That’s right, Obama couldn’t tell the truth if his tongue was notarized personally by F. E. Bailey.  He is a habitual liar.  Obama is out there claiming executive privilege to keep them both out of trouble but you know what?  Here in a few months, his executive privilege ends and he can still be prosecuted for his crimes.  That raises even more questions because if Obama did not know about fast and furious, how can he claim executive privilege?  I’ll assure you that Obama has done something illegal and is covering it up.