I’ve read two articles that have left me totally speechless cause both of them occured in New York City.  \

Article 1:


This article shows me how out of touch liberalism is.  Apparently the school forgot that the popular Lee Greenwood song hit #7 on the charts back in the 80’s.  It came back in the 90’s and in 2001.  If you look at the rankings of the song through those years, it’s clear to me the American public does not share the opinion that the song is controversial at all.  The kids decided to still sing the song at the playground and I’ll be damned there were adults there jeering them for singing it.  The kid’s wanted to sing it even if it wasn’t part of the kindergarten graduation.  What business was it of those adults?  Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the song.


Here’s the youtube video of Lee Greenwood singing it.


The 2nd Article is about a Queens 5th grader was prohibited (For Good Reasons) from giving a speech about same sex marriage to first grader’s.  The liberals were all up in arms over this.  The principle was called a hatemonger!  Earth to idiots, First Graders, really?  Parent 3:16 says that parents can decide and most people don’t want their 6 year old listening to anything about same sex anything.  The government needs to butt out when it comes to this subject.  Most parents will tell you that this subject is inappropriate when talking to a 6 year old.  *Deballed Male* Well mither walker, the government says it’s ok *Me* Well you can go back and tell the government it needs to fix the f*ckin’ economy instead of trying to teach my first grader about the gay lifestyle.  Another word out of you and you’ll look real cute when we are doing a 3 legged race to the hospital to have my foot removed from your @ss.