There is a bill out there being considered by congress that says first graders need to be briefed on homosexuality.  I know it’s bullshit from the start.  Dumbocrat congressmen and women want to teach your first grader about homosexuality.  First grade is where kids learn to read and write and overal learn to get along with each other.  The last thing they need to know is about homosexuality.  I believe that parents have a right to dictate whether or not their first graders hear this foul message but I don’t think that they should be in the place to have to in the first place.

In the first place, first graders don’t care about sex and are not age appropriate to hear the first damn word they have to say on the subject.  Secondly, I don’t care how many communists, socialists, and faschists in the congress feel it’s ok, it’s not ok.  Just to show you how many people in congress are supporting this here are some stats:

H.R. 998 already has 157 co-sponsors in the House!
And S. 555 already has 37 co-sponsors in the Senate!

They have 194 people who are set to pass this bill unless people write their congressmen and tell them that this bill is totally bullshit.  Of course this is more governing against the will of the people by the Obummer administration.  They believe they know what’s better for your kid than you!  As parents, I think we have the final word on this and we need to inform these communists that this is not ok and you don’t know what’s better for my kid than me.