LMFAO, if the president goes to your city to campaign, he stiffs the local taxpayers with the bill for providing his security.  Previous presidents have paid for their own security with campaign funds.  Apparently, the liberal messiah has been drinking his own bath water.  Personally if the unconstitutional president was coming to my town, I think I’d have to insist that his invitation was cancelled.  *Deballed Male*  Mither Walker, how can the President campaign for election if everyone cancels their invitation?  *Me* How can the liberal messiah stiff local governments with providing HIS security?  Contrary to the liberal messiah’s belief, he’s in cities around America to campaign.  They are doing him a favor by allowing him to come to their towns to campaign.  Contrary to Obama’s thoughts, he’s not doing THEM the favor by coming into THEIR cities and towns.

It would serve him right if everyone scheduled to host the president called and cancelled his speeches and told him do not come here!  The liberal messiah would lose his mind if this happened and I’m sure it wouldn’t but if it did, you’d see Obama on TV more putting together one boring speech after another as if he isn’t getting enough tv time already.