Yes this goes to show how right I really was about Obamacare and how the government believes it has a responsibility to make you lose weight.  There was a government panel that met and decided that obese people need intensive counseling in an effort to rein in a growing health crisis in America.  These people cannot help themselves.  They can’t fix the goddamn country yet they think they have a responsibility to fix your weight.  Also there is another state looking into implementing Bloomberg style legislation banning large sugary drinks.  People, you elected these idiots and you get what you vote for.

Here is the article I read on this:

These idiots were told to give people who couldn’t afford it, healthcare.  They decided to pursue single payer healthcare which was not what they were asked to do.  They overreached and now feel like they have the responsibility to manage your weight because now the government is taking care of you and overweight people burden the healthcare system (Their words not mine).  If they are allowed to force you to lose weight, it isn’t a far stretch to say they could demand that you buy brocholi and regulate what you can eat every day.

In my most humble opinion, I believe government has expanded to the point that they feel they have the right to regulate everything you do each day.  I got news for them.  When I drive onto my property every night, that’s where the government’s influence ends…at my property line.  If I feel like I want a ice cream bar, I eat an ice cream bar.  If some government beauracrat doesn’t like it, they can kiss my ass.  I own my property and if government officials dare come to my door, they will be given an invitation to go f*ck themselves.