This is exactly why there should be term limits.  This incident happened back in October 2009.  Senator Leahy was asked “What part of the constitution authorized congress to demand that we buy health insurance?  His reply still bothers me.  Especially since he’s someone who’s term should have ended years ago.  His reply was “Nobody questions Congress’ authority for such an action.”  Did I tell you that this piece of crap is on the judicial committee.  His committee is responsible for vetting supreme court nominees and he’s clueless about the constitution.  My biggest question is “How can someone do their job vetting supreme court nominees and not know what provision in the constitution  grants them the authority to make you purchase health insurance?”  How can you vet someone if you are absolutely clueless about the constitution?  For God’s sake, his job is evaluating judges basic on their rulings in accordance with the constitution!!!!  Apparently, he’s not good at his job yet year after year, people re-elect this piece of garbage.  Just think of how arrogant someone would have to be to give an answer like that.  Nobody questions congress’ authority?  People do it every day!  I’m pretty damn sure Leahy would tell me how dare I question his authority.

Again, this is exactly why this country is f*cked up.  People like Senator Patrick Leahy are making the decisions and they keep reaching for more power because they are ignorant of the constitution.