Honestly, I’ve said many times that Democrats don’t get anything about personal responsibility nor do they understand consequences for decisions.  I live in the real world and even at 21, I knew if I spent too much money at the slot machines, I wouldn’t have enough money for groceries or rent.  Apparently, the Dallas NAACP feels like there shouldn’t be any consequences for people making bad decisions like choosing to spend lots of their money on lotto tickets.  Democrats answer to people making  bad decisions is more government.  They honestly believe that government can remove people’s bad decisions instead of holding people responsible for their bad decisions.  I’m sorry but government isn’t like a dad or mom.  When government starts running your life like that it usually takes away freedom in the process.  They are just majorly upset that they do not run the state of Texas because they could shove such a legislation down our throats.  Texas is a Republican state and Democrats aren’t very happy here because Texas don’t comply with what these Democrat groups want because they are Democrat ideas.  Texas instituted the lottery to keep taxes low and keep the government from coming after more and more property taxes every week.  I think it’s a good idea because it keeps more money in the pockets of Texans.  People make fun of Texas all of the time but Texas will never be a nanny state.  There will never be a sitting governor that attempts to regulate how much soft drinks we can have at one sitting.  In fact that’s why so many businesses have moved here from other states.  We don’t pay state income taxes nor do we pay a lot of taxes on food at the grocery store.  Soft Drinks are one of the few items that are taxed at the grocery store.

I support the Texas Lottery because it keeps the government out of my pocket.  In return, maybe 10 times a year, I’ll spend 2 dollars to buy a lottery ticket.  I don’t buy one 52 times a year though that would be stupid.  I usually wait until the pot gets high before I buy a ticket.  I play responsibly because I know that financial decisions have consequences.  I have on occassion purchased scratch off tickets.  This is usually a spur of the moment decision and is usually a rare thing.  If I can control my spending on lotto tickets so can everyone else.  All it takes is self control.  I’d rather spend my money taking care of my wife or doing something with my kids.

Democrat groups like the NAACP believe government is the answer to all of their problems.  I believe the government is the cause of most problems.  Take a look at our economy, housing market, and our job situation.  Government is the root of those problems.  The DNC is 24 Million Dollars in debt.  Our Federal government is running a deficit.  It’s apparent to me that the DNC is the root of the problem.  When I look into my finances and see that I don’t have money, I don’t go spend more money.  Only a complete moron would do such a thing because they are not responsible people but that’s how Democrats run the country and when they do, they create the problems.  When they make it worse, then they have the nerve to tell the responsible people, well at least we tried to fix it.  They want to be graded on their good intentions.  There is no consolation prize when it comes to fixing a problem.  Either you fix it without creating a thousand more or you failed.  There isn’t a middle ground in all of this.  Obamacare fits that description.  It does absolutely nothing to make healthcare more affordable yet they named it the Affordable Care Act.  Harry Reid is a complete moron.