Is it just me or did all of the Democrats flapping their gums appear to be living in an alternate universe or fantasy world.  Last polls I saw said 62% of Americans want Obummercare repealed and only 32% want it.  Every one of those Dumbocrats got up there and tried to tell us it’s a victory for all Americans ignoring the fact most Americans want it to go away.  Harry Reid almost had me spitting my large sugary drink on my laptop as I watched C-SPAN.  He is trying to tell us the debate is over and we need to move forward.  He clearly is dillusional because I remember Demoncrats shutting Republicans out of the debate all together.  There WAS NO Debate when there should have been.  Harry Reid attempted to say we should focus on jobs and the economy.  Really Harry?  Three f*cking years into the liberal messiah’s term and now we want to fix those things?  What in the hell were you doing say 3 years ago?  Oh that’s right you were shutting Republicans out of the healthcare debate.  So what I notice is that you screwed the American people with Obummercare when you should have been fixing the job problem and the economy.

I noticed that none of the dumbocrats have mentioned that the affordable healthcare Act caused the premiums to go up by $2,200.  These idiots are clearly dillusional about who is going to get healthcare too.  If your over 45 and get sick, you are clearly f*cked because you are not considered worth any medical treatment.  Apprently DC doesn’t have leash laws cause I’ve seen more dogs talking on CSPAN than watching the dog show on USA channel.  Holy cow, I’ve never seen so many ugly people in one place…ever!!!