Representative Elijah Cummings started out talking like he needs his head extracted from his backside.  He basically said that Eric Holder hadn’t lied to Congress when he lied to congress not once but twice.  He even attempted to say that Fast and Furious started under Bush, although he can’t produce anything that supports that claim.  Here are the facts that Representative Cummings doesn’t have the balls to admit.

a.  Eric Holder got caught lying twice to Congress.

b.  Over 200 people are dead because someone in the DOJ authorized this operation.  Allowing guns to walk across the border is illegal.

c.  The ATF had the obligation to stop the guns that they knew walked across the border, yet they didn’t.

d.  DOJ took 9 months to notify congress that their previous letter stating that they didn’t know anything about guns walking across the border was incorrect.  What took them so long?  They had a responsibility to come and say they discovered that this might have happened.

e.  Issa gave Holder a list of documents he wanted to examine in the committee.  Holder has not provided those documents after Issa has asked for them multiple times.

f.  Southern border states will have problems with these guns for many years to come.

Brian Terry’s family deserves some answers and so do the American people.  Those guns are in my backyard and I want to know how in the hell they got there.  Someone owes me answers.  DOJ has yet to hold anyone accountable.  There is someone at DOJ who authorized this and I want that SOB fired so he can’t make anymore irresponsible decisions.  Nobody has been held accountable and they are probably in a position to make another irresponsible decision.

The Democrats proved they are cowards.  They walked out instead of voting on the measure.  One member of Congress voted present.  Democrats want us to believe this is about racism but they are full of it.  Laws were broken and Holder refuses to supply answers to the many questions congress had.

Remember guns don’t kill people.  Mexican cartel members kill people with guns supplied by our government.