The liberal messiah is still out there saying the individual mandate is not a tax.  The supreme court decision was a fraud.  They argued that it was a penalty and the newest judicial liberal activist (Justice Roberts) decided it was a tax.  They allowed the the liberal messiah to argue one day that it was a penalty and that it was a tax the next.  The supreme court had a responsibility to rule on the case based on the merits presented by the lawyers.  Their job was not to stretch the law to make it constitutional, it was to rule on the arguments presented by the lawyers.  Justice Roberts was out of line by calling it a tax and voting for it when the lawyer argued the first day that it was a penalty.  It cannot be both legally.  Roberts said the supreme court cannot protect the people from their political choices.  We never expected that, we expected you to rule on the law not rewrite it so that you could vote for it.  That’s what a judicial liberal activist does.  Robers said he felt compelled to vote for the bill.

Obama can’t seem to shut his mouth because he knows that if this is a tax, he has a snowball’s chance in hell at re-election.  Considering the fact that Mitt Romney has raised 4.2 million dollars since the fraud that the supreme court perpetrate has been announced, I’m right.  Obama is not getting lots of political donations for the election.  What I’m really wondering is if the liberal messiah will blame Bush when he loses re-election.  I will laugh hard if that happens.  He’ll be headed for permanent vacation and can play 100 rounds of golf a month and keep taking lavish vacations.  I doubt that he will because the tax payers won’t be funding it anymore.