Just like I predicted, Obama won the Obamacare decision but it’s going to be hell to pay down the road in November.  The simple fact is that 62% of Americans don’t like it!!  They were charged with covering people who don’t have health insurance and instead of fixing the problem, they created about 1,000 more instead.  In fact, one Democrat had the nerve to tell me at least we tried to fix the problem.  Well now, did you want a red star on your shirt for your efforts?  That’s the problem in the nutshell, you tried.  Dammit you have to make decisions like your life depended on it.  That way you’ll fix it right the first time and won’t have to go back to fix it any at all.  What Demoncrats gave us was a 2000 plus page disaster.  It was so f*cking bad they didn’t want to be under Obamacare so they voted themselves off of it.

*Deballed Male*  Mither Walker, they ran the country and they deserve better healthcare than we do!  *Me* So what you are really saying is that some sh*t stain politician who served the US Government for four years deserves a better healthcare plan than someone who served in the US Military for 20 years?  I am having my insurance taken away by the liberal messiah because I’m being thrown into Sh*tcare along with the rest of you.  If sh*tcare is good enough for me, it’s good enough for the slimey politicians!  Let’s face facts, it will stay sh*tcare until these dumbasses are forced to be under their shitty healthcare bill.  Until that happens, it will remain the substandard piece of sh*t healthcare bill they forced on us.  Think of it like this, you are the boss.  You cast your vote for these idiots which allows them to be hired.  They have a better health plan than you do.  Does that make sense?

Since the unconstitutional rulling which did not use the rule of law to make the decision, Mitt Romney was able to raise 4.2 Million Dollars.  Democrats need to wake up.  The US citizens feel the same way I do about sh*tcare.  Obama is going to get his clock cleaned this election.  My advice to Obama, enjoy it!!  You deserve it!