A lot of leftist jackasses went out of their way to make fun of Rick Perry during the elections because he’d just had back surgery and said something stupid while on the pain killers.  Apparently Rick Perry is doing something right because they did a nation wide survey and found that Texas has created more jobs than any other state in the United States.  This did not happen by accident.  Texas is the friendliest state when it comes to business.  I know there are leftist jackasses everywhere saying “Mither Walker, it’s not fair!”  I’ll assure you it is fair.  You see people deserve the government they elect.  If you are going to devote all of your energy into finding faults with a Republican on the ticket and devote zero looking into your Democrat running for office then you are an idiot and congratulations, you just voted in your drama.  A liberal Democrat isn’t wired to do things like reign in spending and create jobs.  None of their policies will work when it comes to that.  Their policies are consistent with the nanny state and uncontrolled spending.  Take our president for example.  He’s done nothing for the economy and he damn sure hasn’t created any jobs.  He’s devoted his efforts to Obummercare and ignored the price of fuel rising which has taken it’s toll on the cost of living.  Make no mistake the cost of living consists of Shelter, food, and utilities.  Liberal Democrats can ruin the economy because they insist on trying policies that were used in places like China, The Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany that failed miserably.  They don’t learn from history so they are doomed to repeat the mistakes and expect to have different results every time.  Obama thought he was too smart to fail and now he’s facing relection and can’t run on his record.  His record is crap and the only thing he can do is go out and engage in personal attacks and allegations.

The two cities that failed deserved to.  They consistently vote for Democrats to run their city and then act surprised when it blows up in their face.  Until these people “Get It” they will continue to have these kind of problems.  The problems they have are not money.  Their problem is spending.  California takes the cake when it comes to uncontrollable spending on stupid stuff.  We can only hope that they will get smarter but the reality is they will continue to vote for Democrats.  California also is one of the very few states that are putting forth nazi like programs to combat the liberal myth of man-made global warming.  These people are so ate up by their beliefs in the fairytale that they are making everyone get AC/Heating units that the government can monitor and if they find that you are setting your thermostadt too high/low they can change it and possibly fine you.  As soon as things blow up, Democrats will say at least we tried to fix it.  The problem is that their “Fixes” normally creates more problems than they solve.