The only reason I haven’t commented on this before now is that I can’t believe he’s that stupid.  His whole speech at Roanoke, VA was explicitely bovine excrement.  Every place else it’s called bullshit.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, Obama was right.

Lonnie:  Really on what grounds.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, the only reason they were able to start up a business is because of teachers.

Lonnie:  Ok, teachers got paid a salary to teach him did they not?

Deballed Male:  Yes

Lonnie:  So that teacher did not give anyone any free help to start up their business.

Deballed Male:  What about the roads and bridges?

Lonnie:  What about them?  The rich people paid taxes which enabled the government to build those bridges and roads to and from their business.  Also, before roads were even paved, businesses thrived.  Clearly, that has nothing to do with business thriving or failing.  Clearly, both you and Obama are dillusional when it comes to this argument.  Remember, Ford created the car BEFORE government attempted to pave roads.  Business enables government to spend this money and can operate at the same time as government.  Government cannot exist without business.  Do you honestly think this country would be as great as we were without businesses?  Businesses employ people so government can tax both the employees and the employer.  The more employers there are, the more money the government gets.  So if your objective is to kill businesses with taxes, then expect them to stop creating jobs.

Deballed Male:  The Workers helped the business owner be successful.

Lonnie:  and the workers were paid a fair salary in return so it’s not like the business owner screwed the workers.  In fact most small businesses were started and ran out of the business owner’s home and when he’s/she’s built the company up enough, he/she can’t keep up with the demand, they start hiring people.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, Obama is trying to create jobs.

Lonnie:  No he isn’t.  All of his policies are designed to kill job growth.  None of his policies have been proven to work throughout the history of the world.  Every time they have been tried, they have failed.  Obama was destined to fail because he’s using failed policies that have never worked all while he expects a different outcome because he thinks he can make them work.  Besides that, it’s been 6 months since Obama met with the jobs council.  Don’t you think if he was serious about kick starting our economy he’d be having routine meetings with them instead of doing 100 fund raisers and going on countless vacations, playing numerous rounds of golf?

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, it’s Bush’s fault!

Lonnie:  Don’t you think it’s kind of late in the game to be going out and saying that?  I think it’s funny that back when Bush was in office for six months, we had 9/11 happen and all of you jackasses were out there telling us that this was Bush’s fault because he was the president.  Now you want us to believe that every ill in the country is Bush’s fault even though your liberal messiah has been in office for 3 1/2 years?  Don’t you think that’s just a little bit hypocritical?  Besides if that is the case then shouldn’t we say everything that has happened on the good side of things is Bush’s fault too?

Look I try to have fun with the deballed male skits but the truth is many business owners put in 15+ hours a day to build up their small business.  The government does not help them.  The government is always in their way putting up obstacles.  If you work for a small business owner, he pays you a salary.  He does not ask anyone to give him anything or ask them to work for free.  Obama clearly doesn’t understand business and probably never will.  He’s too ignorant to think that government as big as ours can exist w/o businesses bringing in revenue in the form of taxes on the business owner and the taxes from the workers.  It’s in government’s best interest to have a thriving economy.  The root of every financial crisis/depression/recession is always government.  Why is it that our economy seems to be the last thing on this jackasses mind is beyond me.  This is the guy whom millions upon millions of useful idiots voted in to fix the economy and he’s not intelligent enough to understand the whole system.  Obama and his supporters don’t want people know the fact that he can’t fix what he doesn’t understand.

The purpose of Obama’s speech is to perpetuate the liberal agenda of convincing workers that the only way a business owner got successful was by screwing each and every one of them.  Pretty much like Obama’s presidency, this fails the common sense test on every level.  According to most liberals, if you are a non-union worker, you are screwed out of a decent wage.

I’ve got several friends who are business owners or managers.  They will tell you how hard it is to find someone who wants to work.  One guy has 5 guys working for him and 4 of them do not do a good job at all.  They do enough to keep their job.  Clearly the only person getting screwed is the owner.  They each know they are responsible for doing things around the store yet they come in and hook up their laptop to the internet and forget all about work.  Another friend of mine, has 10 workers and they all do just enough to keep their job.  They don’t show any initiative whatsoever.  Everytime my friend asks someone to come in and help him with inventory, everyone says they can’t because they have plans.  There used to be a time in this country where when the workers didn’t have anything to do they walked up to the manager if he was busy and asked if he needed help.  That doesn’t happen anymore.  I don’t care what the liberal messiah has to say on this.  Clearly, people need a lesson on work ethic.  I’ve told them both what I’d do.  I’d send those jobs down to minimum wage so if you want to do the minimum, you should be paid the minimum.  If you come in and are ready to work and expand out, you should make more money than someone who does the minimum.  Clearly that thought is at odds with Obama’s message.  According to him, everyone should be paid the same even if their efforts aren’t the same.

My one friend manages a video/movie store.  He has an employee that sits at the counter on the internet surfing for jobs while he’s at his job.  There’s nothing wrong with that if he doesn’t have anything else to do.  However, he doesn’t get the boxes of new movies out in a timely manner.  He works 3 days a week and he get’s paid for 40 hours yet he only works 36 and he’s being paid above minimum wage.  He could always clean the counter, clean the shelves, etc., but he chooses to surf for jobs.  He doesn’t even uphold the stores policies yet according to the liberal messiah, he helps his employer?  How in the hell is he helping?  He’s screwing up left and right and forcing everyone else to do the jobs he won’t do while he’s “Busy” applying for other jobs.  Obama’s speech only appeals to people who have their heads up their arses and refuse to deal with reality.  The reality is that not all workers are equal and most probably should be fired if they are only doing the minimum to keep their jobs.