Just as I was telling everyone about how poor the work ethic is in this country, low and behold, here is a prime example.  This might be funny on the silver screen but in real life, this can cause someone to get deadly ill.  The manager at this Burger King took immediate action and fired 3 individuals.  I applaud her for taking care of business.  She fired one person for doing this disgusting act and the other two for turning a blind eye to this dirty deed.  I wonder if our president feels this is the help that business owners had creating their business.

I’m sensitive about this bullshit because everytime I’ve eaten anything at Burger King on base, I have gotten the runs really bad.  It’s to the point now where I don’t go there anymore.  I keep bread, miricle whip, and lunch meat at the office and make my sandwiches for dinner.  This way I know exactly what’s making me sick.  I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to getting food.  I only have 30 minutes for lunch and my choices are burger king or bowling alley food.

Honestly, nobody can say for sure where his shoes have been.  It only takes a little bit of fecal matter to give someone E coli poisoning.  He could have been in the backyard with his dogs before he stepped in the lettuce and contaminated 2 pans of lettuce.  None of the three people should ever be given a job handling food ever again.  There should be a system like the sex offenders registry to ensure they never get the chance to poison someone’s food ever again.

Hackers did a great job on this one.  If it wasn’t for the hackers, people would be getting sick and not know why.  Honestly if you ate at this Burger King in the last few weeks, I’d be filling a lawsuit against the individuals.  Burger King did a excellent job and acted fast to fire these individuals