“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

George Santayana

I placed that saying at the front of this blog post for a reason and I’ll get back to it later in my posting.  After the Aurora shooting, there are liberals shouting they want gun control.  Sincce I’m honest, their version of gun control is taking away everyone’s guns.  I’m not down with that.  If what you are really saying is that in order to register your guns, you need to have a mental health evaluation once a year, I could go for that.  The Aurora shooter was mentally ill and should not have been allowed to have them in the first place.  If what you really mean is to take everyone’s guns then you are an idiot!!!  Do you honestly think criminals are going to turn over guns that the government doesn’t know existed?  I don’t think so.

Let’s go back to a time in our history where we made having something illegal.  Let’s go back to the point in time where alcohol was made illegal.  How did that work out for us?  The government made alcohol illegal then what happened?  Organized crime starting making moonshine which resulted in a lot of problems.  Some people actually died and went blind drinking moonshine.  So what in the hell do you think will happen if we make guns illegal?  The criminals will still have access to guns and the good guys who could take out the criminals won’t have guns.

Deballed male:  Mither Walker, guns are bad.  Guns kill people.  The only people that should have guns are the cops.

Me:  Really?  So how long do you think it will take for the cops to arrive on the scene after some lunatic goes on a shooting rampage?  Do you like your chances of staying alive given the fact it may take the cops 10-20 minutes to arrive?  How many people do you suppose the shooter can take out before the cops arrive?  Make no mistake, when a shooter is the only person who has a gun, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel as far as difficulty level.  So when the shooter comes in and starts shooting, how many people will volunteer to take a bullet  to keep the shooter busy until the cops arrive?

In some ways, we’ve made some good laws in others, we went in the wrong direction.  I agree with laws that prevent people who’ve committed violent crimes with a gun not to have a gun.  I also agree that people who have committed murder should not be allowed to carry a gun.  We’ve gone in the wrong direction when we’ve insisted that the only people allowed to carry a gun are the police.  If half of that theater was carrying, there is absolutely no way the shooter could have killed as many people as he did.  He may have killed one or two people at the most before someone gave him a bullet between his beady eyes.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, that is uncivilized to have that many people with guns.

Me:  So having one person shooting at a whole theater full of people is civilized?  Give me uncivilized any day!  Back in the wild west days, we did not have these problems because everyone was armed and we actually took out the bad guy before he could do anything like the Aurora shooter did.

The liberal messiah is out there trying to circumvent the 2nd amendment to the constitution in the name of preventing this from happening.  Apprently, he’s a stupid liberal and can’t learn from the past so he’s doomed to repeat it.  Prohibition failed just like Obama has been failing and will continue to fail.  When government prohibits something it creates a black market which will produce whatever the government prohibited.  I’ll assure you that guns will always be readily available even if it is illegal.  Law abiding citizens won’t have a gun to protect themselves or anyone else and it will continue to be a problem with these guns in the ciminals hands.