I’ve got a dear friend who’s a liberal.  According to him, Chick-a-Filet owner is a racist.  There is absolutely no proof that this is true.  Like most leftists, it’s a bullshit statement lacking any credible proof.  Just because they don’t support gay marriage in the minds of liberals, means they are racist even if there is no supporting evidence.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, if they don’t support gay marriage, they are racist.

Me:  No it does not.  In fact, my reseach found that there was a employee who didn’t ask the names of Chinese customers and they put ching and chong on the tickets.  As soon as the information was brought to the manager’s attention, the employee was fired immediately.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, Chick-a-filet admits they are Republican so therefore they are racists.

Me:  Maybe for persons who live in a alternate universe instead of realville that means they are racists but in the real world, you can be a Republican and be against racism.

Liberals do not support any speech that cuts against what they think they are entitled to.  In fact this is a bullshit argument to begin with.  First of all, marriage is a religious ceremony.  Most liberals hate religion so why do they want a ceremony in front of god to announce their marriage even when the bible says god does not condone that behaviour?  Secondly, there are many business owners that do not accept gay marriage.  I’m sure there were a lot of people who voted no to proposition 8 who are business owners.

I don’t make either side of this argument happy because I don’t support either of their arguments.  At the same time I say no to gay marriage, I say a civil union should entitle them to the same rights as a marriage.  By that I mean their partner should be able to get the life insurance money if their partner dies.  They should be able to get on their partner’s medical insurance.  At the same time, I think they just want the same rights as a marriage and I really don’t think they would care what it’s called.

The government cannot tell religious groups what the definition of marriage is because we have the freedom of religion.  You can join any religious group you’d like as long as the group doesn’t  break any laws.  The idiots are out there screaming that government should FORCE religious groups to recognize gay marriage and that would be breaking our constitutional rights to free religion.  Remember the whole seperation of church and state?  Yes that old battered, always taken out of context, saying?  Seperation of church and state simply means that government cannot give preferential treatment nor can they interefere in religious practices unless they break a law.  Believe me, not supporting gay marriage is not illegal, nor is it a crime.