Mayor Doomberg and the rest of the mindless idiots that are yelling about gun control haven’t got a clue if it was 12 inches and hit them from behind.  These idiots believe if we just take the guns away from the population all gun crime will stop.  Really?  Really?  Are you really that f*cking stupid that you believe the criminals and psychos will simply surrender their guns to the government?  Gun bans don’t work!  I recall during prohibition, we banned alcohol.  How did that work for us?  Apparantly, some people don’t learn from history because Mayor Doomberg wants to repeat past mistakes and is ignorant enough to expect a different result.

Honestly, more guns are the answer to curb gun violence.  If everyone had a gun in a store do you really think someone would come in and try to rob it?  He may kill at the most 2 people but someone will shoot him.  If a psycho goes into a movie theater with a gun, his chances of creating mass casualties are diminished if everyone had a gun.  If more people had guns, house burgleries would go down significantly because chances are good there is a gun in the house.  The worst thing we ever did as  a society is to hang up our guns and stop wearing them.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, we are a civilized society and besides we have cops to protect us?

Me:  Well Mr. Deballed Male how did that work in Aurora, Co?  The cops showed up after the psycho killed all those people so in retrospect, how did that work for the people in the theater?  Oh I’ll admit the cops got their man after he’d gone on the killing spree.  That perfectly makes my point.  The cops won’t be in the right place to come in and save us from a psycho with a gun.