Really Roseanne?  Apparently, you are having flashbacks to the 80’s from all those drugs you did back then.  I mean really, where has Roseanne been the last 3 + years?  I think you had a Socialist choice last election.  You are about to find out what the country thinks of that when elections roll around because this election is going to look like custer’s last stand on a political level.  Feel free to set up a socialist party  and I guarantee you it will go down as smooth as a fart in church.

Most Americans would rather work and have a higher standard of living than to live on what little chump change the government is willing to fork out.  Roseanne must have been really out of it in the 80’s because that’s about the time the members of the communist and socialist party left their parties to join the Dumbacrats.  They realized that as long as they are branded socialist and communist, nobody would ever vote for them or their ideas.  Under the banner of liberalism, they will pass each and every program out there written by socialists and communists.