You libs need to make up your damn minds!  On one hand you want smoker’s to pay for your kids healthcare and on the other you want to make it so that smoker’s can’t smoke.  In fact, you should take your @ss out and thank Smoker’s for funding the damn SCHIP program to begin with.  Only a stupid assed lib would say SCHIPP covers kids up to 25 or 26.  Instead of making it more inconvienent to smoke, you should make it easier to.  Only a Dumbacrat could come up with such a dumbass scheme as they have going on now.  The government is in the middle of making it so that you can’t smoke at all on your breaks at work.  You can’t smoke when you go out anymore either.  Libs are fighting to prevent people from smoking in their homes too.  This is what happens when you allow dumbasses in government to make policies like this.  The free market would have fixed the problem if indeed it was a problem to begin with.  They would have smoke free resturants and smoke free bars if it was financially feasable.  Libs would have been upset if owners were allowed to determine if there was smoking allowed.  Because chances are pretty good most of the better looking women/men would be at the bars and resturants that allowed smoking.  Libs know this for a fact that’s why they had to race out and get smoking banned everywhere.