Obama’s policies have totally devastated the middle class yet there are people that still want to vote for him.  What’s up with that?  The middle class does not have the expendable income that we used to have and it is 100% Obama’s fault.  The poor have gotten poorer under the liberal messiah’s policies.

Obama’s policy on gas:  This policy has pretty much single handedly anialated the middle class.  The people that wake up each day and goes to work.  Not only are they paying higher gas prices at the pump, they are paying higher prices for food.  The middle class rely on our vehicles to get us to work yet the liberal messiah doesn’t care how high gas prices go because they pay more in Europe.  Newsflash!!!!  We produce a lot of the oil they use in Europe.  Why should we pay higher prices for something that is made right here in this country?

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker Obama can’t do anything about the price of gas.  The president told us that!

Me:  Really?  Really?  Let me give you a clue because apparently you’ve killed too many brain cells to realize this.  The president lies a lot and doesn’t tell you the whole truth.  While his comments are true about foreign oil but what he convienently left out is the fact that his drilling moratorium is still in effect.  The president can open up some areas to drilling and that would bring the price down quite a bit but he refuses to do that based on his belief in man-made global warming.  This theory was developed based on junk science at best at it’s worst, it’s fraud.  Also while we are on the subject, didn’t the Democrats go out in droves and say that the last increase was George Bush’s fault and he wasn’t doing anything about it yet when the liberal messiah is in office, you guys are out there saying that the president can’t do anything about the price of oil.

Deballed Male:  Duhhhhh

Obama’s Taxation Policy:  It’s a circle jerk at best.  He did lower payroll taxes but he end loaded the end of the year.  What you don’t pay in payroll taxes, he’s collecting at the end of the year.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, he did not raise taxes on people who make under $250,000 a year.

Me:  That’s just another lie.

The Economy:  Obama is pooching up the economy to break it.  We are starting to experience inflation because the government keeps printing money to pay off the debt.  The major problem is he has to start pulling that money out of the economy if we can get him to stop spending money like a drunk sailor.  Obama says he didn’t realize how bad the economy is.  I have to ask the question if it was a problem 2 years after you took office that should have been your first f*cking clue!!  I think you missed it because you were too busy playing golf, basketball, and taking vacations to fully understand how bad the economy was so what difference is 4 more years of vacations, dates, parties, basketball, and golf going to make?  Besides, I thought you said the economy had your undivided attention?  While we are on the subject, if you look back before Obama took office, I told ya’ll that we are headed into Jimmuh Carter’s second term.  Was I right?

Jobs and unemployment:  Obama came into office bragging about killing the coal industry and other non-green jobs (as determined by him).  What in the hell did you think would happen?  His health care bill by itself killed off jobs.  There are a lot of doctors talking about closing their business as soon as Obamacare goes into effect.  He’s raising taxes so he can discourage companies from creating jobs.  His policies are like putting a foot on businesses throats and can’t figure out why they can’t breathe.  Obama believes the government has right to pick which business win and which ones lose.  The free market does that if government can get the hell away from this portion of their vendetta against business.

Missed Opportunities for the government to get more revenue:  The Obama administration had thousands of M1 Grande’s returned from France.  The government could have turned around and sold those weapons to collectors and it would have brought in some revenue but Obama decided to have the weapons destroyed.  Collectors would have loved them because they were a little piece of history.

Shredding Of The Constitution:  Obama is attempting to sign on to the UN small arms agreement and bypass congress.  The UN wants more control of the US and this administration is giving it to them.  Basically this will result in people’s property being confiscated by a bunch of commies, nazi’s, socialists, faschists, and outright lunatics which will render our rights under the constitution useless.  They want to give the UN full control of the internet.  So they can shut down our free speech rights.  The UN officials are not elected but the liberals view them as a world government.  How can that be?  Nobody elected them to their posts.  The UN is completely useless and corrupt.  We could actually save taxpayers millions of dollars by defunding all that uselessness and corruption.  The UN does not act on behalf of what’s right.  That has never mattered to them in the past nor the future.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, Obama did give us Obamacare.

Me:  and you know what?  If it was worth a shit do you think congress would have voted to have themselves included too.  Did that happen?  No it didn’t.  Obama was supposed to fix it so that people who were uninsured would be covered and we were all for that.  However, what we got was the government telling us we are all going on this piece of shit insurance plan payed for by us.  Doctors are talking about leaving their practices once this bill kicks in.  Apparently, you are clueless about the ramifications of this.  This basically means, you will not be seeing a doctor but a physicians assistant or a nurse practicioner.  Even I can tell you how bad this can be.  I have a physicians assistant and he’s not the brightest bulb on the tree.  Apparently, he’s clueless as to what I was on steroids for 30 days actually means when it comes to his diagnoses of having diabetes.  I don’t have it by the way.  If I did have it, my sugar would be up in the clouds because I’ve been eating everything I should not be eating yet my sugar is only 98 after 12 hours of fasting.  You are completely dillusional if you believe you will be getting good medical care once Obummercare kicks in.

If you are voting for Obama, then you should understand why he can’t run on his record because his record isn’t that good.  It’s dismal and is a failure yet you are saying give me 4 more years of that.  I find that very dillusional thinking on your part.  I remember when 9/11 happened and all the liberals were out there saying it was George Bush’s fault after only being in office 9 months yet everything that has happened on Obama’s watch has been George Bush’s fault?   It’s a little hypocritical isn’t it?  At what point during this train wreck called the Obama administration does it become his fault?  one year, two years, three years?  As it stands now, it’s almost 4 years later and people are still trying to pull that roose that none of this is Obama’s fault.