One of the liberal statements that drives me up the wall is our deficits are high because of George Bush.  That statement is total bullshit from the word go.  First off, to say such a statement you have to be completely oblivious to both reality and common f*cking sense!!  Both parties contributed to this deficit.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, Obama already told us that it’s the Republicans fault.

Me:  Like he never lied before?  Really?  Would you steak your vote on it?  Obama lies constantly so how in the hell can you tell when he’s telling the truth?  Remember, Obama is one of the idiots who refused to vote on fixing Fanny and Freddie because there were no problems with them.  The world seen how that turned out.

In case you are totally oblivious to the road that got us where we are today, I’ve got one word for your dumb ass!  Earmarks!!!  That’s right earmarks.  Both parties were like pigs at a trough when it came to wasting our money on projects that were so unimportant that they couldn’t be debated.  In fact, Secretary Chu has the distinguished honor of being the porker of the month/year for 2011.  In case you don’t remember, he authorized the loan of 535 Million Dollars to Solyndra who went belly up!!  Even during George W.’s time in office there were several times the Democrats put so many pork projects into a bill that even Bush refused to sign the bill yet Democrats everywhere are oblivious to the fact that they had any part in the over spending.  The problem only got worse when Democrats had the majority in the house and the senate.  Instead of fixing the problem, both Bush and Obama turned a blind eye to it and it still continues today!  I think everyone who has wasted our money on earmarks need to start doing more with less instead of demanding that veterans and everyone else make sacrafices.  I think the idiots that caused the problem need to sacrafice some.    Here take a good look at some of the projects that were pushed through.

Now does some of that bring your memory back to reality?  It should.  I also noted that most of the earmarks were submitted mostly by Democrats and a few Republicans.  Notice the very large money amounts for most of these earmarks?  Earmark spending is not debated but they are attached to other bills and when that bill passes so does the earmark.  How Democrats in good faith can claim they didn’t contribute to the financial mess I don’t know?  They are clueless and don’t deal in reality.  They have their fantasy world where everything is George Bush’s fault.  I think they need pills to combat their dillusional thinking.  They have contributed a lot more including passing the Obamacare bill which will increase our deficits.

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, Obama assured us that the Obamacare bill would not add to the deficits.

Me:  Yeah well that’s what happens when you listed to a liar who uses accounting tricks to make it look like it’s not.  Besides that, every country in the world that uses socialized medicine has as high as 20% provincial and country taxes to pay for it yet every year they threaten to raise taxes even more.  So how in the hell do you think this won’t add to the deficits and wind up costing us less in the long run?  Somebody has to pay for this and chances are the healthcare is not going to be as good as you think it will.  This will take health care back 50 years.

I included all of the years that George W. was president to prove a point.  Republicans who used earmarks were outspent 4 to 1 in most cases.  If you are a Democrat that has gone around claiming it’s George W’s fault, please feel free to choke on reality!  This doesn’t include money that was spent on other useless bills that they passed.