I’m watching world events taking place and just shaking my head because it’s apparent to me the liberal messiah doesn’t have testicles.  After our people were killed all this idiot can think of to do is go apologize even when we were the ones wronged.  I’m very opinionated, the film was done under free speech.  No laws were broken.  So what?  Someone made a unfair documentary about Muslims.  I don’t think I need to apologize because the US has several documentaries out in looney land that is unfair to us.  Muslim Extremists need to stop acting like little b*tches and man up and quit running around holding your arses.

If our President had testicles, he’d start playing hardball with these idiots.  First off, I’d empty out every one of our embassy’s in their sh*thole of a country then I’d cut all funding to each and every one of those countries and tell them to kiss my ass.  Then again, I’d have probably emptied out the embassy’s 2 days earlier when the CIA was getting intel that our embassy was in danger.  These countries contain unintelligent people in the first place.  What sane person says I want your money and I want to kill your citizens?  Someone with testicles needs to say “Mother F*cker, you can’t have both!!”  I would definitely not go on a apology tour.  I’d even pull all of the humanitarian agencies out of their country.  My way of saying “I don’t give a shit about your well-being now!  Sink or float”

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker, that would only make them hate us more!

Me:  Really?  Where do I sign up for this?  Honestly, I doubt the scumbags could hate us anymore than they already do.  I figure they should love us and owe us since we got rid of Kadafi.  Apparently, we can chalk that up to another Obama failure.

Liberals probably feel we should apologize and keep sending them US dollars.  I don’t agree.  I think we should seperate ourselves from those countries and make them make it work on their own without our help.  Maybe they will think about those dead embassy personnel while they are suffering eating their own feces for nutrition.  Maybe the scum will finally learn a lesson but not under our apologizer-in-chief.