It seems to me that Demoncrats believe it’s perfectly acceptable for them to return to their racist ways as long as the person you are offending is a Republican.  The media constantly gives them a pass on their racism.  They are not held accountable for the shit that comes out of their mouths.  Demoncrats honestly hate the US constitution because they don’t allow minorities to go off the reservation which is in direct conflict with freedom of speech.  The only time Demoncrats support free speech is when it’s supporting one of their boondoggles and that’s only if it supports a demoncrat talking point.  For those minorities who are in the demoncrat party, they use reverse psychology on them instead of being the blatant racist they are.  Instead of telling them, we don’t want you in our workplaces they convince them that they can get an education but those racist republicans will keep you from getting hired, here let us put you on welfare.  So they use public taxpayer monies to committ their racism.

I don’t remember seeing any criticism of Bill Clinton when he said “A few years back, he (Barack Obama) would have been serving us coffee!”  Oh that’s not racism at all is it?  (Rhetorical) (Sarcasm)  This just goes to show you that you can be a racist and not be called one in the Demoncrat party.

The Klu Klux Klan and the Demoncrats have the same MO when it comes to minorities going off the reservation.  They both attempt to get people in line by intimidation and the use of racial slurs.  Demoncrats and KKK goes after black Republicans because they are afraid if the minorities had a free choice that more would defect to the other side.  Demoncrats will tell you she’s betrayed her race but who else used such language?  Oh yeah the KKK killed several white people who supported black rights as having betrayed their race.  What an interesting correlation between the Demoncrats and the KKK.  Demoncrats try to tell you that the racists became Republicans and Republicans switched over to the Demoncrat party but it’s all smoke and mirrors and bullshit.  The truth of the matter is that racist democrats are still in the demoncrat party they just changed their tactics from overt racism to covert racism.

Stacey Dash is a very beautiful American lady who has every right to support whoever she wants and should not be racially insulted because she doesn’t follow the Demoncrats Sheepish ways.  She’s also very classy in how she’s handled herself during all of this.