The writing is already in the polls and they say Obummer is getting his @ss handed to him.  If indeed you are serious about leaving the US if Obummer loses, you need to start making preparations right now before the system gets backlogged with all of the requests for citizenship.  You can’t just wait until after the election, you need to start now so after the election you can get into a plane, train, or automobile and fly, ride, or drive your happy @ss where you will be happy.  A week out from the elections, I expect you to be gone from the USA.

Oh wait, this is the American left we’re talking about.  They ain’t going anywhere because they get too much happiness sitting around here whining, crying, and throwing temper tantrums to leave.  Even Madonna said she was leaving the country when George W. Bush got elected for the second time and where did she go?  On tour and then brought her happy ass right back here to the US.  On a happier note, some of these morons said they would move to a third world country which is amazing cause most leftist jackasses want to go to Canada, the UK, or France where they think they can maintain their standard of living.  Which brings up another point, notice the canadians at the bottom of the link that say you are not welcome to move to Canada because they don’t need anymore leftists.  Apparently, they already have their quota.