Liberals are out en mass telling everyone that Obama won but I have to question whether or not they have a handle on reality or not.  Romney controlled the debate and talked 4 minutes less than that windbag Obummer.  Romney went out and contrasted his policies against Obama’s failed record and Obama would get a frustrated look on his face as he stopped talking.  When your opponent shuts you up like that, you’ve lost the arguement.  Let’s keep it real, it”s hard to criticize someone’s plan when your record is dismal.  I’ve got a good feeling that the polls are going to show Obama lost big time tonight.  Romney cleaned his clock on Taxes, the false claim that the Libya attacks were over a f*cking stupid slap stick comedy video, Mitt spiked the ball when he mentioned Obama’s retirement account and that he had investments in China.

Still expect the libs to be out en mass trying to convince us all that Obama won the debates all while the polls will show he clearly did not.  When the polls do not show what the liberal media expected, they will be out there spreading more lies about what Romney’s plan calls for.  The media will go on the attack for their liberal messiah.  No surprises there!  The medias modus operendi is if you can’t outright beat your opponent, keep smearing him until he’s able to win.  We all know what’s coming because we’ve seen this scenario play out too many times to think it won’t happen.