One thing that slaps you in the face when reading this article is that not all of these morons are kids.  Honestly with these Democrats showing that much Sevility, you know who they think won the debate and they are right.  The nitwits in the media are out there saying that Obama won.  LOL.

Remember this is the same party of nuts that preached sevility back when Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona.  Democrats spent an awful lot of time trying to prove her shooter (Jared Loughner) was a Republican.  When you dig down into the substance of those accusations there is no substance to them.  Loughner was a drug user who had copies of the commmunist manifesto in his room.  Which means he was a Liberal Demoncrat.  Meanwhile the head nut-in-chief, Obama, went on national tv and called for sevility.

Liberals by nature are nasty negative individuals whom just like Jared Loughner, has many issues.  The least of their problems are their drug use.  Most of them are willing to contend that we are a rich nation who stole everything we make money on from other nations.  Yeah I know they are rebels without a clue.  The real truth that they refuse to see is that we paid a fair market price for the raw materials we use to make stuff out of.  Their other claim is that we use cheap sweat shop labor to make stuff in other countries.  Take the IPhone for example, Apple has those made in China.  Remember back during the Occupy rallies, most of those guys and gals had Iphones.  Another point of hypocracy for leftists are that the very drugs they use puts money in Al Quaeda’s pockets through Mexico.  So leftist jackasses are funding the other side in our war on terror.  Just like Al Quaeda, the leftist have a war with the US but you republicans need to have more sevility.  I dare any leftist to try to prove to me this is not true!  Al Quaeda members have been seen in Mexico working with drug cartels, the same cartels that the Obama administration gave AK-47’s to and assured them we wouldn’t arrest them on their drug smuggling runs into the US.

Given that these Dumbocrats have spent this much time talking about how they wish to assassinate Mitt Romney, how can the media be out there saying Obummer won the debate.  Oh they are already talking that smack when deep down in places they don’t want to admit they have feelings, they know this is not true and I suspect the polls are going to be showing it isn’t true this week.