LMFAO, I was right about the last debate.  Dems went en mass to tell us Obama won and I said we’ll see the polls before we start jumping to conclussions and I was absolutely right.  If Obama had won the debate then how come Gallup shows 52% for Romney and 45% for Obummer?

Deballed Male:  Mither Walker polls don’t mean anything.

Me:  Right and if your messiah was leading in those polls that don’t mean anything you’d be here crowing too.

If that wasn’t bad news enough realclearpolitics.com shows Romney ahead in electorial votes too.  Maybe you Dems should go by the liquor store and buy your favorite alcoholic drink and keep it near you for the November announcements.  I’ve got a feeling your going to need it.  Oh what was it that you Dems kept saying after the last elections…hmmm….elections have consequences?  Oh, I might as well borrow Obama’s saying….get your ass to the back of the bus.