F*ck CAIR, I say it is acceptable to call Muslim Extremists Savages.  To say that they are not savages, means to say that in every country in the world it’s acceptable to cut someone’s head off because they are Christian and not Islamic, stoning Christians is a every day thing that is acceptable, killing your daughter because she doesn’t want to marry the slug you told her to,  sodomize people who are dead (Ambassador Stevens), etc.  Of course these people are savages.  Pretty much in the same way Racists are uneducated, savage Muslim extremists are uneducated.  You’d pretty much have to be someone who doesn’t have a very good mind to determine right from wrong to be a Muslim extremist Jihadist in the first place.

Let’s face facts as they are, civilized people don’t act that way.  They are savages!  You don’t have to be a racist to make that statement either that’s a fact jack!  You people really need to get over the ads on the subways, they aren’t talking about you.