No, it isn’t politics.  These are clear and definitive examples that our President’s Foreign policy sucks and that he’s absolutely clueless.  For the last four years, we’ve had amateur hour at the White House, from the idiots he hired on his staff to him personally.  None of them are capable of running a whore house much less the best country in the world today.  The liberal messiah came out and tried to make everyone believe the attacks in Egypt and Libya were not terrorist attacks but due to a stupid movie trailer on youtube.  If that don’t tell you he’s unqualified, nothing I can say will do so because your that partisan and that willfully ignorant.  Like a well-known comedian named his album, you can’t fix stupid.  I believe that because right now there are bunch of people who have already voted for Obama who are so ignorant, they don’t know Bin Laden is dead.  Think about that, it’s a scary thought that these morons are able to influence the way the country runs and aren’t smart enough to know anything about any of the candidates.

Why does Benghazi matter?  For one, ambassador Stevens is the first embassy person killed since Jimmy Carter.  So that tells you that Obama and Jimmy Carter both had disastrous foreign policy.  Secondly, we learned that Obama trusted the Muslim Brotherhood to deliver guns to rebels in Libya who gave the guns and other weapons to Al Qaeda representatives.  So Obama has literally sabotaged our Afghanistan war efforts by giving our weapons to the bad guys.  Do you really still think he’s the smartest man on the planet?  Really?  You remember their response to the Arab Spring?  It was all lies, smoke, and mirrors.  The Muslim Brotherhood are our enemies.  They are part of Al Qaeda.  Obama was too busy bowing down to them and apologizing to see them for the scum sucking pigs they are and the idiots on the left were having major orgasms over the Arab Spring.  We knew the Muslim Brotherhood were part of Al Qaeda but everyone was playing stupid.  Yes, stupid is the only song all leftist know how to play.  The most disturbing part of this whole sick experiment on foreign policy is that Ambassador Stevens reached out and told people in the state department that he was getting death threats and needed armed security and the best they could do was send him unarmed security.  While all of this was going on, we had the president on national tv insisting this was the result of a dumbass youtube video and refused to tell us the truth, this was a terrorist attack.  He lied to cover up the fact that he wanted to say we’ve decimated Al Qaeda and try to pull us out of Afghanistan even though, he knows deep down we haven’t.  This isn’t the first time he’s lied about anything.  Remember the Fort Hood Shootings?  It wasn’t a terrorist attack it was classified as work place violence case.  He’s intentionally lied about his foreign policy because the liberals don’t deal in truth.  Especially one with no significant successes in his record.  All he’s got is to crow that he had Osama Bin Laden killed.  Well woopty f*ckin’ doo, we knew where he was for a whole 6 months and even then, he had to sleep on it one more night.  He hesitated to do what was right.  This is not politics, four Americans died because Obama’s foreign policy sucks.  He’s has weak knees when it comes to doing what needs to be done.  The fact that the doctor that gave us valuable intelligence in Pakistan went to prison and Obama didn’t do one damn thing to help him proves his foreign policy is a disaster and the fact he has weak knees in foreign policy does not protect us, it emboldens our enemies.  What deters kids from doing bad things, a slap on the hand or being punished?

Fast and Furious:  Another clear example of Obama’s disastrous decisions.  Obama allowed AK-47’s to be given to Mexican Drug cartels in exchange for information on the other cartels.  They allowed drug runners across the border and didn’t bother to arrest them.  When the jig was up Holder attempted to say it was a George Bush program but he had to admit that he had no evidence to suggest that.  Obama benefited in two ways over this.  1.  He wants AK-47’s banned in the US.  He figured he’d create the problem and offer a solution.  2.  They’d get valuable intel.  Neither Holder or Obama figured they’d get caught until the border agent was killed by the guns Obama/Holder provided to the Cartel members.  It was never about seeing where the guns went.  On this point, they both lied.  Obama/Holder refuses to turn over the documents because they know it implicates themselves.  We even found out that these animals shot up a kid’s birthday party on the other side of the border.  I have  a very liberal friend and he was more pissed off about the fact the owner of chic-a-filet doesn’t support gay marriage than he was about the government giving cartel members guns and allow them to sell their drugs over the border.  Which helps finance Al Qaeda.  Al Qaeda has deals with Mexican Cartel members.  They ship the drugs in and Mexican cartels sell those drugs which finances our enemies.  Way to go dumbasses!!  If the Obama administration was anymore incompetent, they’d make a sitcom about them because it may be funny on tv but in the real world what has happened is not funny at all.

Neither one of these scandals are politics.  People have died because of the Obama administration’s incompetence.  People should be fired, heads should roll but they aren’t because Obama doesn’t care about neither one of these incidents.  He considers these people collateral damage.  They died to further his cause.