Today the stock market went down to -248 and now several businesses are talking about laying people off after the elections depending on the outcome.  One company is laying of 2,500 employees.  Some aren’t getting laid off, they are being switched from full time to part time.  What caught my eye was it’s not just resturants, it was several types of businesses.  Many of these businesses have told their employees they are getting laid off if Obummer get’s re-elected.  I’m sorry I predicted this right after Obamacare was passed and most of the people that read that in my blogs didn’t give me any credibility.  I think it’s funny in a way because it puts some libs in a predicament.  Either they vote for their messiah and lose their job or lose their full time status or they vote for Romney and keep their job but lose Obamacare.  LMFAO.  Most of you thought this would not happen.  I predicted it.

So as you can imagine apparently, you’ve been lied to when Obummer said the economy is doing fine.  I’m telling you if Romney doesn’t win, we are in serious economic trouble.