Madonna is a ignorant liberal who can’t help but to sabatoge herself.  Entertainers should leave their politics in their personal life and not carry their political hackery on the road with their concerts.  Conservatives listen to music too and throwing your politics in the middle of that will hurt your bottom line.  Madonna is a stupid liberal who can’t seem to help herself when it comes to politics.  I’m sure Madonna is doing fine during “The One’s” lousy economy but pressuring fans to vote the way you do is wrong.  Especially when the fans are the ones hurting right now, not her.  If you need a catchy phrase for this, “Madonna is attempting to take a dump in the same place where she earns her money.”  Idiot celebrities like Madonna think they know what’s best for lower and middle class but just like her liberal messiah, they are both clueless.  She supports Jimmuh Carter’s 2nd term littered with victims and failures.

Now, if this is what she wants to do, she needs to keep that BS out of her concerts and do the political shows.  That way she’s keeping the two seperate.  The last thing fans who are hurting want is to go to a concert to forget their problems and pains only to be reminded of why they are hurting in the first place.  Really, she could have done a concert for a campaign stop with a bunch of idiots like her and that wouldn’t hurt her reputation as bad as throwing it in the fans face who just want her to shut the f*ck up and sing.