It takes politicians with balls of steel to rebel against the powers that be.  Most states are letting the communists, Nazi’s, Socialists, fascists, and the booger eating morons at the UN come in unchallenged to monitor the elections, Not Texas.  The Attorney General for the state of Texas has vowed to have them arrested if they get within 100 feet of the polling stations.  Texas has a state law against foreigners interfering with the elections so the law states how far away they can be before they get arrested.  I support this.  The liberals and their messiah can bow down to whomever they want but that does not mean the state of Texas has to bow down for them too.  UN representatives coming from dictatorships don’t know the first damn thing about free elections and why should we allow them to interfere?  I’ll even go as far to say that UN representatives to dictatorships are as credible with free elections as Bill Clinton giving a speech to college kids on the virtues of abstinence.  Neither one of them have a clue.

I guess that’s why Texas is called the Lone Star State since we are the only ones with enough freakin’ sense to call out the Obummer administration and the UN on their Bovine Excrement.

De-balled Male:  Mither Walker, the UN doesn’t have anything to gain or lose in this election!

Me:  I beg to differ.  Obummer wants to give away American freedom to the UN.  The liberal messiah wants the UN to have the power to undercut our 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.  Obummer believes in having an unelected world government and he’s doing his part to give the UN power to Tax us on the internet and our fuel usage.  I’m sorry but this proves he doesn’t have any common sense whatsoever.  I’m sure he’s book smart but doesn’t have the sense to get out of the rain.

The UN has too much to gain from the re-election of the liberal messiah.  The UN has not lived up to its charter.  In fact, they haven’t prevented any wars because they are too divisive to find common ground.  Every ill in this world get’s blamed on us, even though we aren’t the ones that deserve the blame.  Right now, everyone in the UN wants Iran to have nukes.  The UN is the most antisemitic organization out there and they make the old Ku Klux Klan look like amateurs because unlike the KKK, the UN has some power to hurt Israel.  Then of course when it comes to the UN, our president is a follower and not a leader.  He hasn’t shown an ounce of leadership when it comes to the UN.  He’s the proverbial ass kisser and goes merrily along with whatever the UN wants.  Obama will undercut our (The American Public) best interest for the UN’s interest.  In fact, I label the relationship between Obama and the UN as an unholy alliance.

Say what you want about our Attorney General and our Governor, they show more leadership in a day that Obama has shown in 3 1/2 years.