Again, A UN resolution undercuts our constitutional rights and our limp wristed president will go right along with it all the way to the gates of hell.  The Saudi King is soiling his pants over our free speech rights and wants the UN to pass a resolution that condemns anyone who insults monotheistic religions.  This is just another case of Muslims proclaming we’re f*cking special.  We can make fun of your religion but you better not say a word about ours.  My special message to the King…check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Your religion provides framework for radicals to create wars and be treated special.  If I had anything to do with it, I’d be feeding those assholes in GITMO pork sausage for breakfast, pork chops for lunch, and pork steak for dinner.  I’d have already convicted the scumbags and placed them in a medium security prison where I’d put them with other inmates 3 to 1 in a cell and encouraged them to bend over and pray as much as they want.  I’d make sure they are shacked up with 2 big bubba’s and ignore all their complaints about their sleeping arrangements.  If we kill the scumbags we make them a martyr.  If we stick them in a cell with 2 big bubba’s, he’s nobody’s hero.  To make sure he get’s plenty of time with his 2 big bubba’s, conjical visits aren’t allowed for anyone convicted of terrorism.  That’s how special I think the scumbags we have at GITMO are.