Alrighty then, the dow took a plunge today and countless people lost their jobs because their jobs were based on the election.  Pat yourself on the back America for increasing the misery because you are all such masochists.  The sad part is you people don’t know how truely ignorant your choice for President was.  If you thought groceries and gas was high before the election, strap on your tin foil hat because it’s fixing to get worse and who’s paying for it?  The middle class is of course.  While you are eating sandwiches, he’ll be throwing lavish state dinners, taking 5 vacations a year, and playing endless round of f*cking golf while you get poorer.  Obama doesn’t give a sh*t what his policies do to the middle class.  The economy isn’t even on his radar.  What’s on his radar is soaking the middle class with UN taxes so that we pay for their miserable existence in our country.  You can kiss the liberal messiah’s ass if you want to but I intend on getting rid of everything that get’s a UN tax on it because I refuse to pay a bunch of communists, socialists, Nazis,faschists, and booger eating morons a red penny.

Thanks to the truly ignorant, everyone’s taxes will go way up.  So you essentially established a war on the low and middle class.  I hope you people are proud and remember, I told you that I do not want to hear anyone that voted for the liberal messiah bitching because you lost that right when you voluntarily voted for this POS.  You voted for this misery, I did not.