I want to hear from the ignorant masses about what the Bamster has done right.  From my perspective, he’s bungled everything he’s tried to do, told more lies than Bill Clinton, and created mutiple scandals.  His economic policies have not worked in fact as soon as he won the election, people lost their jobs.  He hasn’t changed his strategy so in essence, you Obama voters have doubled down on failure.  Obamacare is attrocious and reminds me of a old saying.  The worse you want it the worse you’ll get it.  Obamacare creates more problems with healthcare than it fixes.  He did kill Osama Bin Laden but it took him 6 months and a day to make that decision.  He had no alternative than to successfully do this because his only part was telling the navy seals to do it.  They did the rest.  Other than that, he threw lavish parties at the white house, took like 5 vacations a year, and played endless rounds of golf.  He refused to provide adequate security for our ambassador and as a result the ambassador was killed on the anniversary of 9/11.  He got caught creating a problem with guns in Mexico so he could force gun control on us here in the US.  It backfired and he’s claiming executive privilege when it comes to answering questions.  His first 4 years screams gross incompetence.  He’s gone on a ignorant rant about how the rich aren’t paying their fair share yet not intelligent enough to know that this move is bound to bite the middle and lower class on the ass.  The government does not create jobs…they never have.  The government creates an atmosphere where employers employ more people to work in their businesses.  The rich won’t get hurt by raising their taxes yet ignorant people claim it’s fair that job creators pay more and employ less.  Obama did create one job, we still need an ambassador to Libya, any takers?

Statistically, none of his voter groups are better off since he won the presidency 4 years ago.  Employment has gone down across the board.  Gas prices shot up and along with that all products had their prices raised.