I’m a 20 year military veteran who retired from the Air Force.  I was one of the first people on the Information Technology Scene back in 1984.   Here are my assignments:

1984-1985 Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

1985-1989 Kadena Air Base, Japan

1989-1991 Clark Air Base, Republic of The Philippines

1991-1997 Dyess Air Force Base, Texas

1997-2000 North Bay, Ontario, Canada

2000-2004 Dyess Air Force Base, Texas

Other Deployments:  1986 – Osan AB, Korea Team Spirit

                                  1995 – Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (179)

                                  1997 – Germany (90 Days)

                                  2001 – South Carolina (90 Days)


Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Services Commendation Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal (2 Oak Leaf Clusters), Air Force Achievement Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Medal (1 Oak Leaf Clusters), Outstanding Unit Medal (1 Silver Leaf, and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters), Organizational Excellence Medal, Air Force Good Conduct Medal (1 Silver Leaf Cluster), National Defense Service Medal (1 Oak Leaf Cluster), Humanitarian Service Medal, Air Force Overseas Short Tour Medal, Air Force Overseas Long Tour Medal, Air Force Longevity Medal (4 Oak Leaf Clusters), Air Force Training Medal (1 Oak Leaf Cluster), Basic Military Training Medal

I am married and have 2 kids.  Both of which are out of the house.  Veronica is a cooperate lawyer in Dallas and Steven who’s attending college in Denton Tx to be a school teacher.  Steven was in the Army for 4 years and was deployed to Iraq 2 times and spent 2 years there.  I’m proud of both of my kids.  Both my wife and I get to meet his latest girlfriend this Thanksgiving.  Well my daughter is too busy for relationships because of her job.  Her job worked better than me telling her to never shave her legs.  *Laughing*

I call things like I see them.  If I blog about something it’s because this is how I see stuff.  I’m not always going to agree with Democrats but there are times I don’t agree with Republicans either.  Whether you like it or don’t like it, I’ll always tell my honest opinion on the things I write about and the topics can go from Pro-Wrestling to politics to assassination pieces on Michael Crook.  Heck, I’ll probably write some things about Global Warming that you may or may not agree with.  However, unlike Michael Crook, I won’t say things that I don’t believe just to yank your chain but I will say stuff that may make you think for a bit.

Others may comment on the discussion and unlike Michael Crook, I will post whatever you say.  All I really ask is that we have a intelligent discussion.  Speaking of Crook, I’d love to have him in a boxing ring.  Maybe all he really needs is another hit to the head and he’ll start thinking rationally again.  It’s in both of our interests to get into a boxing ring.