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The Era of Incompetence – The Obama Years

I have no doubt that years from now, this administration will be dubbed the Era of Incompetence.  All of his scandals, he’s learned about them on national TV news.  Honestly, he should fire all of his advisors and hire the news media.  Maybe they’d let him know about scandals before they hit the 5 O’clock news.  It’s been 6 years of this stuff now and I’ve predicted the train wreck BEFORE it happened.  Most of you hope and changers disagreed and argued with me from the start.  Apparently, you hope and changers thought you were smarter than me but I guess not.  Reality has b*tch slapped you.  If politics were a football game, Obama fumbled every ball thrown to him.

Obamacare:  I told you this was crap from the start.  Most of you brainless morons quoted how the VA system was such a miracle of modern liberalism.  Now you’ve figured out that rates actually went up on people and what’s worse, you now will go to jail if you don’t have it.  I accurately called Obummercare as a war on the poor.  All of the young and useless kidos and hardcore libs told me “Mither Walker, at least you have healthcare.”   Another brainless answer from them was “At least we are trying to do something!”  My response was so you are willing to do the wrong thing instead of fixing the problem?  I told you careful what you asked for!  There was a Dumbacrat politician who claimed Obummercare was created using the VA as it’s model and I told you hope and changers you should be afraid.  Guess What?

VA Healthcare scandal:  I told you that this system was jacked up from the start.  Think about this, soldiers were begging for help and were allowed to die before they got to see a doctor.  Think about that when you think about Obamacare.  Also think about this, if the government can’t take care of America’s veterans what makes you think they can take care of the rest of the population?

Fast and Furious:  The Obama administration sold guns to Mexican cartel members to create a problem so they could outlaw our citizens from having guns.  In exchange for guns, we allowed them to cross our border to sell drugs in the US.  They attempted to create a problem so the liberal messiah could fix a fake problem manufactured by the administration.  This has been their response through all of the school shootings that have happened.  The problem isn’t the guns and more gun legislation will not stop this from happening.  The deep root of the problem is one the Obama administration does not want to fix…mental health legislation.  They know deep down in places they refuse to talk about that if they fixed the mental health problems in the US the Dumbacrats would lose their voting base.

The IRS Scandal:  Liberals love to say the IRS is a bi-partisan branch of government but is it really?  The latest claims that Lois Lerner’s emails have been lost due to a hard drive error but now all of a sudden those emails that were lost are going to be produced by the IRS chief 5 years later?  Is that amazing or what?  I find it very alarming that emails that were gone are going to finally be produced after years of them saying the emails were gone.  Usually where there is smoke, there is fire.  Just remember, the IRS is going to be standing between you and your healthcare. 

Executive Order Scandal:  The liberal messiah went on the floor of congress to call out the Bush administration on the very same stuff he’s doing.  He’s what most people call a hypocrite yet the media is acting like lap dogs when it comes to this.  He gets a pass while Bush was called to the carpet over everything.  Obama said his administration would be the most transparent administration ever which was a lie.  In most cases, he’s kept the reporters at bay by giving them pictures and handing them out to the media. 

Unemployment:  The numbers released today suggests that the number of jobs was only enough to keep up with the population and enough to keep us at the same employment rate as the day Obama took office.  Obama has done a lot to kill job opportunities for the American public.  This also intersects with the disparity between the rich and the poor.  Obama promised the middle and low classes would prosper.  He lied to you chumps and you had already swallowed the hook as he reeled you in.  Reality is the rich are getting richer, the poor and middle class are not.  You guys were cheering him on while he was talking about the rich aren’t paying their fair share and while you idiots were mindlessly chanting hope and change, he raise your taxes.  Apparently, the low and middle classes are now the rich in this country.  Those of us who voted to have someone who understood the economy and employment to be president are frustrated are you kidos and hardcore liberals got what you wanted.  So you want high unemployment and lower wages that’s what you voted for and you voted for an expanding low class and receding middle class.  Pay checks have become stagnant.  Reality is that the liberal messiah has done nothing to encourage business growth or pay gaps.

Benghazi Scandal:  It is unimaginable that a US ambassador could be begging for more security in the middle of a middle eastern country and be told no and when they are under attack, we had an administration that did not have the balls to interrupt his fund raising to help his ambassador and just let him and 3 other Americans die.  All while this happened on the anniversary of 9/11.  You can agree with the president that it is a phony scandal but how would you feel if that was YOUR relative that died and this happened to your family.  You’d be pretty darn upset.  To blame this on a youtube video is just plane ignorant when there was reasons the Ambassador was asking for more security and his requests were falling on deaf ears!!!!!!!!!

Nominations to the NRB board:  You libs told us how smart Obama was and how he was a constitutional professor.  Apparently, neither was true.  He had his appointments to the labor board declared unconstitutional by all 9 justices.  Apparently Obama didn’t know there was a 10 day period he had to wait to make a recess appointment. 

Oh don’t worry, it’s going to get much worse thanks to the idiots that voted for incompetence and hope.  Right now, he’s writing executive orders to bi-pass the congress to write laws for the EPA on global warming.  These laws will kill what’s left of the middle class and then we will have the liberal messiah’s idea of a perfect system where we have only upper and low classes in the US sort of like Russia had back when Stalin reigned over the communist state.  Yes we won’t be able to afford heat or air conditioning when the liberal messiah is done killing the oil and natural gas industries all in the name of global warming.  Scientist have had many consensus’ over the years in fact there was one that said we couldn’t handle feeding everyone if the population got bigger.  They also had one in the 70j’s that claimed we were going to have global cooling which never happened.  So yes, a consensus doesn’t mean they are right.  Just means they believe something whether it’s true or not.  So the idiots are willing to kill the US economy over a fake crisis.  Now there is your hope and change.  Obama said your utility bills will necessarily skyrocket.  Apparently, most of his voters weren’t smart enough to know that.

So the last election was idiots led by idiots to vote for the liberal messiah and now they are upset at what he’s doing as if the first 4 years wasn’t enough to tell you his agenda wasn’t working.  You idiots doubled down on it.  Now the young idiots that voted for this train wreck are regretting their vote.  Honestly, you were incompetent voters and you should probably not ever vote again because you don’t take the time to hear the message before you take your incompetent butt into the voting booth and vote.  None of you took the opportunity to read my blogs or listen to common sense. 




Book Depicts The Real Cranky Liberal Man Child

I told you people once before that Obama hates the troops and the liberal idiots were telling me I had it wrong.  Did I?

How come everything I tell the liberals through this blog they refuse to accept that I’m right and they are wrong?  It’s true, it’s damn true.  The men and women in the middle east are fighting a war and our commander-in-chief acted like a little bitch when asked to take some pictures with the troops.  He was probably pissed because the trip interupted his golf and basketball game.  There is your liberal messiah.  This is the idiot you people said could lead the country.  As I sit here, I’ve seen my dogs show more leadership qualities than the liberal messiah has.  That’s beside the point, you Obama supporters elected a jackass to run the country.  One that doesn’t have any time to spend with the people he’s sending into a freaking war zone.  I think our men and women deserve someone better than that.  Our president is a bad joke as commander-in-chief and a bad joke on foreign policy.

The Liberal Messiah Is Avoiding The Issue

Ok Obama cult like supporters, where in the hell is a decision from your liberal messiah?  It’s been how long since the Fort Hood Shootings?    It will be exactly one year on November the 5th this year.  Still Obama administration is fighting to keep the report away from the Armed Forces Committee who only wants to make changes in military security and policies to prevent this from happening again!  You’d think our POS president would want the same thing however, he’s leaving the door wide open for it to happen yet again.  He probably feels that US servicemen deserve such attacks at home base where it’s literally like shooting fish in a barrel because contrary to popular belief, troops are unarmed when at home base.  So if someone brings in a gun and starts shooting, there is absolutely nothing that can be done.  People will die yet our president seems unconcerned about this happening again.  Apparantly, repealing don’t ask don’t tell is MORE important than protecting the troops back at home base.  How about new laws on the books to help deter such attacks?  Nothing has been done.  Most of us have relatives in the military and this issue is important to you.  I served 20 years and my son served 6 years while my nephew is still in the military and I worry about him.

I would be saying the same thing if a white leftist was elected because leftist hate the military first and foremost because they are 100% against war even when it is warranted.  They hate all things military.  Leftists were out there saying POS Nidahl Hassan was suffering from post trama stress disorder when in fact POS Nidahl Hassan had never served in a war zone.  In fact, why do you think they only have POS Nidahl Hassan on murder charges and not any other charges?  I’m telling you right now, he should have been charged with treason, subversion, sedition, murder, attempted murder, and bringing illegal firearms onto a military installation.  He is in fact guilty of all of those offenses yet our incompetent commander-in-chief has done nothing to prevent further attacks on military installations involving muslim soldiers who are siding with Al Qaeda against our country.

Another sad fact is that leftists don’t want to prevent such stuff because deep down they are on the side of Al Quaeda.  So again, I’m not surprised our procrastinator-in-chief hasn’t done anything at all to help protect troops because that’s who the left are.  Most leftists aren’t intelligent enough to understand that the president and congress is responsible for declaring wars not the military.  The military are told to shut up and follow orders.  Your average leftist blames the military for wars when the sad reality here is that most military personnel pray for peace instead of war because they have the most to lose in a war.  Most leftists subscribe to nutty conspiracy theories that somehow the military went rouge and declared war on countries and that their politicians never really had anything to do with it.  It’s asenine to believe such stupid stuff.

Again, it’s almost been one full year and our president hasn’t seen enough  to declare it a terrorist attack but he can say within a few minutes that the boston police department acted stupidly with less information on that incident than we have about POS Major Nidahl Hassan.

SEIU And Obamacare

I think Glenn Beck hit the nail on the head when it comes to SEIU and Obamacare.  Poll after poll shows that the American public does not want Obamacare yet, it’s being forced down our throats.  Obama is doing Obamacare for Andy Stern and the SEIU union.  It makes sense.  The union’s growth isn’t exactly booming and one of the areas that is hitting the union between the eyes is providing healthcare to it’s members.  So they help Obama to get elected and in return the government takes this sore off SEIU’s back.

So if you think Obama is doing this for you, you are sadly mistaken.  It’s for Andy Stern.  You know, the head of the SEIU union that has met with Obama 22 times since he’s been in office.  So I thought that Obama said he wasn’t bowing down to special interest.  Obviously, yet again, the liberal messiah has lied.  Trust me, SEIU is a special interest group.  Unions are not a government entity.  They get their money from bilking it’s members for dues and strong arming people for membership.  Why else would Obama support card check?  It’s payback for SEIU’s help in getting him elected.  I have no doubt that Andy Stern was told that he’d get Obamacare and card check in return for his help in getting the liberal messiah elected.  So in fact, he promised Andy Stern that he’d have Americans pay for the union’s blunders.  They spent more money than they should have to get the liberal man child elected which hurt them in providing their end of the deal on union membership.

I support neither effort for SEIU.  Andy Stern is a liberal who spends money like a liberal.  Your union should do whatever it has to to survive, just like every business in the US.  If you’d have been looking out for your best interest, you would have made your political donations within your budget.  I feel no sympathy for union thugs who got themselves in a bind because of their partisan hackery.  To ask me and other Americans to pay all of this money to provide healthcare for union thugs is a outrageous especially when your damn money pool comes from other Americans who probably won’t be covered by Obamacare.  Goddamn Barak Huisane Obama for attempting to bilk Americans for money to help out SEIU while trying to make average Americans believe this is good for them.  Then again, this bad idea isn’t any better or worse than Obama’s Cap and Tax bill meant to steal even more money from hard working Americans by adding a climate change tax onto our Energy bills and at the pump based on a scam called man-made global warming.

Of course if you want to tip the lying president voluntary then by all means go ahead if it makes you feel better.  I personally don’t need any help in getting rid of my pay because the gas pumps have gone up causing food and other necessities go up in price.  If it was up to me, the lying president won’t get any more of my money than they are entitled. 

Liberals refuse to consider the grand idea of giving tax breaks for those who purchase their own insurance and simply put others on medicare/medicaid.  They’d also need to pass a law saying that pre-existing conditions are required to be covered.  This would solve the problem of having people uncovered and keep the government out of healthcare.  They wouldn’t even have to give them the full tax break for the full price of their health insurance.  Just make the tax break of half of what you pay for the insurance

Yet Another Islamic Extremist Scumbag In The News

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad pled not guilty to murder after admitting he shot the two Army recruiters in Little Rock.  This guy must have flunked the first grade because he’s extremely stupid.  He admitted to shooting them so how credible is his plea?  Not even Judge Sonia Sotomayor is going to be able to get his ass off scott free.  Also it didn’t help his plea that they found multiple weapons in his car when the arrested him hours after that incident took place.

Personally I think the death penalty should be imposed.  He’s obviously too stupid to live with society.  Other than that, I may be able to support 20 years minimum sentence, no parole,  and have his citizenship revoked after he’s released.  If Mooohamaed (Misspelled on purpose) wants to fight Jihad, I think we should send him somewhere he can like Pakistan.  Then offer a bounty on his head so not only would he serve time to pay for his crime but he’d eventually get the death penalty on a battlefield.  He doesn’t deserve constitutional protection nor does he deserve to live.  *Laughing* then the troop can call the bullet between his eyes the moneyshot.

I’m sure there are pro-abortion anti-death penalty types out there that would disagree with my assessment just based on their views that’s it’s ok to kill innocence but it’s not ok to kill hardened criminals that deserve it.

Oddly enough my 20 year sentence is based on law.  There is a 10 year minimum on violence towards government employees so that’s 10 years X 2.  The law also states no parole shall be given to these individuals.  I don’t think a judge will revoke his citizenship but I can dream can I?  Obviously, he doesn’t love the US so I think he should leave.  Not leave here and go to Canada or the UK but somewhere he can live under sheria law and get his rocks off.  Therefore, It would have to be a 3rd world muslim country.  Although I would think it would be fun to send him for a vacation at GITMO so he can have some fun in the sun and a little vacation waterboarding.  He’d be surrounded by his heros like Kalid Sheik Mohammad.

Hate Crimes Bill

Apparently, the Democrats believe troops don’t deserve hate crime bill protection but pedophiles do.  This whole concept to me is proposterous!  Pedophiles are the lowest of low of the American population both outside the prison system AND INSIDE the prison system.  These peices of trash don’t deserve any protections by a hate crime bill.  If someone came home to find that a 30 year old man just raped their 14 year old son/daughter, I support their decision to kill or beat the perputrator within an inch of their life.

I fully support covering homosexuals and lesbians under the legislation.  I have absolutely no argument there however, I think that there should be special circumstances that would preclude them from filing charges.  If a gay man grabs a guy by his package uninvited, then I don’t think they should fall in the protection of a hate crimes bill because the gay man assaulted the guy first by grabbing his package.  I think if there are no assault on the part of the gay person then I think they should be protected by the hate crimes bill.

I have no problem with them excluding veterans from the bill as long as pedophiles are not covered.  If your going to cover pedophiles then you’d better cover veterans!  90% of Americans feel the same way I do about pedophiles.  They deserve no special protection whatsoever!

9/11 Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the most heinous, vicious, terrorist attack on our soil since the bombing of pearl Harbor.  I will never forget the horror I saw on tv that day.

I was still on active duty on 11 Sep 01.  I got my last promotion on 1 Sep 01.  We were in the middle of an exercise.  I’d been working 12 hour days since 31 Aug 01.  I was tired and one of my co-workers, Paul walked in and announced that a plane flew into the world trade center.  I walked into the conference room and looked at the tv and there was the plane.  I sat there wondering what had gone wrong with the plane and that’s when the second plane hit, after which I concluded this was not an accident.  I watched as those poor people jumped out of the window and crashed onto the cemenet below. 

In a daze, I saw the buildings collapsed and I quietly went back to my office and shut my door.  I was tired, pissed, and wanted to kick someone’s ass over the incident.  I wound up working 10 hours straight, then going home and for 6 hours and coming back at like midnight and then working until 6am.  I spent 1 hour in line to get gas during that 6 hours I had off and remember the extremely high price I paid for gas at Sam’s Club.  I remember getting a $5 reimbursement afterwards because the Attorney General flat out told them that they would go after them for raising the prices so high.

I couldn’t stop watching the news for about 3 weeks after that.  1 month later, I was sent to South Carolina to work for 99 days to fill shortfalls of deployed personnel in my career field.

Liberals attempted to be dishonest and say that it was all Bush’s fault.  Here’s the facts as they lie.

–  We had plenty of attacks under Bill Clinton.  Clinton could not stop the attacks on his shift.  Liberals said Bush knew about it but if we say that, then we have to say Slick Willie knew about the attacks on his shift.

– Clinton did nothing to anybody on his shift.  Clinton did not make the intelligence community talk to each other to prevent this from happening again.  Clinton had criminal charges brought against the people who attacked us.  He did not declare war against Al Qaeda.  He attacked a Al Quaeda training camp that was abandoned supposedly in retalliation but this was also during the impeachment process.  He was criticized for it because of the impeachment process.  I criticized Slick Willie because he didn’t go after anyone, he simply bombed a training facility that nobody was in.

– Yes we were attacked on Bush’s shift, but 1 attack in 8 years is a hell of a lot better than 8 during Clinton’s shift.  So bite me leftie!  You can’t spin that statistic to be anti-Bush.  I’d have preferred no attacks but hey they got Bush’s attention and now they probably wish they hadn’t.  Bill Clinton was afraid of Afghanistan. 

– I am offended by the 9/11 truthers.  Rosie O’Donnell pissed me off to no end saying that Bush caused 9/11 to justify a war.  She is an idiot today and in 20 years, she will still be an idiot.  She’s in my hall of shame for all of her bullshit she attempted to put out there on the view.  It would be unfair of me not to mention that Rosie is not the only brain dead celebrity to voice this opinion.

We should remember 9/11 and never forget that these Islamic Radicals want to see us all die.  My position is that I’d rather see the Islamic Radicals die than any leftie in the United States.  In fact, I probably would have no problem if every Islamic Radical in the world has died on the battlefield of THEIR choice.  I’ll still have a job, I’ll still be making a living, and I’ll still get plenty of sleep knowing they are resting with the dinasours.