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Obama’s Failures and his Immigration Policy

Tell me how a supposedly ex-constitutional professor get’s his salad tossed multiple times in a week at the supreme court and then turns around and claims he’s going to write executive orders to fix the immigration problem at the border, which he created? To make it worse, he’s attempting to do the same thing that got his hand slapped again with immigration. Meanwhile after the ruling yesterday, Dumbacrats are out in mass saying this is a war on women. It is not and they are being willfully dishonest. Hobby Lobby is paying for 16 out of 20 means of contraception. The 4 methods they do not cover is methods that can result in a home abortion like the day after pill or the week after pill. Additionally, Hobby Lobby pays these women 2 times minimum wage. So even if they don’t cover those 4 methods, they can afford them if they needed them. Women are not forced to work for Hobby Lobby. Meanwhile, leftist losers want to commit arson to Hobby Lobby stores. You people need some serious couch time. Hopefully you have something better than Obummercare.

Another case where Obama had his butt handed to him is his so-called “Recess Appointments” to the labor board. This was a decision from the Supreme Court that was 9 to 0. A unanimous decision. It’s rare when you can get the libs and the republicans on the court to agree on anything but they agreed Obama overstepped his authority.

Obama was slapped down on forcing home caregivers into paying union dues by classifying them as part time government employees without the benefits from either the government nor the union. You shouldn’t be forced into joining a union. The Supreme Court ruled that part time workers can’t be forced into a union.

Obama also lost when he attempted to establish a buffer zone around abortion clinics and the supreme court shot it down as unconstitutional citing that it infringes on the citizens right to assemble.

Now let’s talk about the immigration problem at the border right now because there is evidence they were preparing for this before it hit and also there have been flyers found telling these people how to stay here without getting sent back across the border. The drug cartels are using this chaos at the border to slip drugs across the border because the border agents are all busy taking care of all of the masses that slipped across the border. To fix this possibly self inflicted problem, Obama wants to write more executive orders to bypass congress. The constitution says only congress can pass laws. The liberal messiah is well on his way to having more of his illegal activities ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

I’m surprised that a so-called “constitutional professor” can get his butt handed to him this much in one week. You libs were saying how smart he was but having your laws struck down at the Supreme court does not prove he’s that smart. In fact, if he practiced law like this when he was a lawyer, I wouldn’t have hired him to do anything for me at all because he’s showing me that he is incompetent and doesn’t have as good of a grasp of the constitution as he pretended he did.


Holder At It Again

Eric Holder is at it again.  Apparently, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has a problem with Florida weeding out non citizen votes.  Which confuses me because MY civics class stated you have to be a citizen of the United States to vote.  I think whatever school Holder attended must have had a dumbass teaching the class.  So in essence, what Holder is trying to do is make voter fraud legal.  Honestly Holder makes me sick to my stomach to begin with.  He pays all of this attention to legalizing voter fraud and the first thing he does is try to throw out military votes.  In his view, non-citizens have more of a right to vote in this country than the poor schmucks who defend our country.

You would think with all of the great advances in Technology, that we could do better for our military voters stationed abroad than a mail in ballot that can get thrown out for many reasons beyond the servicemen and women’s control.  For instance, if the military post office does not date stamp when it was mailed, it can be contested.  There is a million reasons why they can be contested.  Democrats don’t want servicemen and women to have a say because they know the majority of the military vote goes to Republicans.

As much illegal shit as we’ve found with Holder’s fingerprints on, I still can’t believe he hasn’t been scooter libbied yet.  He’s lied to congressional inquiries into fast and furious, he’s been extremely slow in producing the paperwork on fast and furious, and he had a verified case of voter intimidation yet he decided not to prosecute because the perpetrators were black.  Not prosecuting those two violates the whole premise that our country was founded on.  Justice is blind, equal, and fair.  Not in Eric Holder’s DOJ.  If 2 white guys had been at the poles doing the exact same thing those idiots were doing, they would have been arrested and prosecuted, I’m just saying.

I can’t prove it but I’m betting that even the illegal immigrants are voting Republican because they aren’t getting anywhere near the same exchange rate they were getting 4 years ago and they are having less money to exchange because they are spending more money trying to live here to work.

Mayor Bloomberg Is A Food Nazi

I want to know since when has it become the goddamn government’s job to try to make people lose weight?  Never, that was never a power granted to the state.  That hasn’t stopped Mayor Dumbberg (Bloomberg) from wanting to pass legislation that would outlaw 16 ounce drinks which would include gatoraide.  Since when has it been constitutionally correct to dictate what people can consume other than illegal drugs?  It is not the state’s responsibility to wage war on 16 oz sugary drinks.  Why don’t you try fixing unemployment?  Fix your spending problems?  These issues should have a way higher priority than worrying about what people consume.

Weight loss is a personal issue.  Unless the person wants to lose weight, banning 16 OZ drinks isn’t going to do a damn thing.  Only a complete moron like Dumbberg would think that this will fix the problem.  You are only going to make the problem worse because I will guarantee you that NY residents will buy more of the smaller oz drinks and instead of having the 16 oz drinks they will consume 24 oz worth of drinks or they will merely buy the smaller sized drink and get 3 refills.

This is always the problem with liberal policies, they fail to achieve their goal and then some dumbass like dumbberg will come out and announce at least I tried and I had good intentions.  The ending is always the same…lookup information on prohibition.  That says all you really need to know about liberals and their policies.  Yes, I know Bloombeg is a Independent but if he’d been honest, he’d have ran as a liberal because that’s where his policies are.

Liberals believe the government needs to step in and MAKE the population lose weight.  That is unconstitutional as Obamacare but that didn’t stop your liberal messiah.  Just the knowledge that it was unconstitutional made it par for the course.  Weight loss is a individual responsibility and requires a hell of a lot more from individuals than to stop drinking 16 oz drinks.  A weight loss program requires a diet and exercise and you can’t legislate those either.  Liberals also love to mention that obese people make prices for medical care go up.  Next time you go to the doctor, make a note of what most of the people are there for.  I guarantee you they are not there because they are Obese.  Most are there for colds, flu, and some sort of pain.

A NC Teacher Bullying a Student While She’s Indoctrinating Him

I’d be pissed if this was my son because the kid is there to learn while this b*tch is lying to him.  First off, saying you can’t talk bad about the president can get you arrested is false.  You cross the line if you are threatening him.  The teacher is ignorant because liberals everywhere talked bad about Bush and did not go to jail because they have free speech rights.  As far as I can tell this Jr. High student should be teaching the class because the teacher isn’t capable of teaching.  See the video here of just how ignorant this teacher is and how childish she is acting.

There is no doubt that the teacher should be fired because of her conduct.  She crossed the line once she refused to have a civil conversation.  In fact, didn’t her liberal messiah say we should be civil?  Does this b*tch sound civil?  The teacher is your average liberal who has to lie because she can’t control the sheep unless she does.

The Liberal Double Standard Is Rearing It’s Ugly Head

If you watch what’s going on, you’ll see this everywhere.  Liberals will run out emotionally charged openly hoping that Dick Cheney will die from his heart transplant.  Then the left will accuse Republicans of hate.  All you really have to be to be a liberal is a neutered or spayed coward.  We all know as soon as Republicans return the favor, the left comes out and demands civility while accusing Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of hate speech.  It is a behaviour that repeats itself constantly.  Your average liberal is a spineless guttless coward.  Mention man-made global warming is a hoax and they will start peeing in their pants.

Note to former Vice President Dick Cheney:  Don’t worry about the morons on the left.  Get well soon so you can invite them to go hunting with you.  As soon as the pee starts flowing, laugh and say just kidding as you walk away laughing at them.  You can even ask them “Is that pee running down your leg or are you just that happy to see me?”  Then drop the big bomb on them and inform them your running for president in 2016.  That will definitely ensure that their kidneys are functioning well cause they will be peeing in their pants regularly for 4 years.  So, you’d be doing them a favor.

Hanoi Jane Wants Rush Fired

Hanoi Jane seems to think she’s still revelent.  Let me explain something so an idiot like Hanoi Jane can understand.  Nobody cares what you think or what you want.  For the record, you’ve done far worse than what Rush Limbaugh can ever do.  Sure Rush and everyone else is outraged that politicians and idiots like you expect the public to pay for other people’s birth control.  Seriously, have you ever heard the phrase “Pay to play?”  If your going to live that kind of lifestyle, you should expect to pay for your own birth control unless of course you’re having your body declared public property.  This should show everyone what a bunch of hypocrites the left is.  Hanoi Jane’s career should have ended back in the 60’s and 70’s when she was flying to Hanoi to betray her country.  Her career survived now she has the audacity to demand that Rush Limbaugh get fired because he called Fluke a whore?  Really?  She puts her sex life out in public at a congressional hearing and says she’s having sex 5 times a day and she’s going broke paying for her birth control yet Rush comes under fire for calling it like he sees it?  Hanoi Jane lives in a liberal world where everyone has free speech except Republicans.  When’s the last time Hanoi Jane listened to Bill Mahr or David Letterman?  David Letterman said some really nasty stuff about Sarah Palin and her Daughter, yet Rush is the only person she demands be fired.  Hanoi Jane will be quick to tell you that Bill Mahr and David Letterman are entertainers but isn’t that what the left calls Rush Limbaugh to marginalize him?   The left is too dumb to understand they can’t have it both ways.

What Rush said falls under free speech.  The left reminded us of that when they all rushed out to defend Westboro Baptist Church’s protests at the graves of soldiers killed in the line of duty.  Westboro Baptist church is a collection of trailor trash, idiots, and dirtbags who should thank god that breathing doesn’t take intelligence.  What was the phrase they used….free speech isn’t resigned to just speech that we agree with it includes offensive speech too.  So someone explain to me why a bunch of inbred’s (Westboro Baptist Church) have more of a right to free speech than Rush Limbaugh?  Oh, that’s right.  What was I thinking?  Westboro Baptish Church followers are Democrats.  They are allowed to say anything they want because they aren’t Republican.

At the end of the day folks, Rush Limbaugh has just as much rights to free speech as Democrats.  Why should Rush be held to higher standard than Bill Mahr or David Letterman?

The Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators

This is a piss poor story and it’s kind of sad in a way.  These people should be locked up but due to corruption in the New York government, politicians are out there claiming this is the real tea party.  My response is pull your head out of your ass and take a look at the whole situation.  Government officials are laying down threats to everyone from private citizen landowners to the New York City Police Department.  Government officials have threatened the police by saying “I don’t care if they do break the law you do not arrest them.”  I don’t remember such courtesies levied at Tea Party members.  In fact, they were chomping at the bit waiting for a reason to arrest one of those members.  These people have gotten away with deficating on police cars and smoking weed in the middle of New York, etc., there are no shortages on stuff they should have been arrested for.  It’s a travesty to call them human beings.  Trust me, when these animals finally leave the park where they’ve been hanging out, it will look like it’s been annexed by the zoo and zoo animals were kept there.  It’s a good thing breathing does not require intelligence because these numbots would probably stop breathing.

Even President Obama, Al Gore, Democrat Party endorse these guys and it all makes sense to me.  The Democrat party hates military members so it’s not hard to figure out why these mind numbots were seen spitting on a coast guard female.  Personally I think she should have beat the hell out of them and forced the cops to come out cause I’d love to see that idiot bloomberg’s face when the cops take that disgusting moron to jail for spitting on a armed forces person.  It should come as no surprise that most of those protesters are being paid to protest.  So go ahead Obama and praise them all you want.  America has already figured out that you support these idiots because you hate America.  I think you should come clean about it and stop being a lying piece of sh*t.